10 Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives For Android In 2022

Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives For Android

You may have used an Android smartphone for some time and know that it is widely used for hacking different apps and games. Many game hacker apps are available for Android smartphones, including Freedom, Lucky Patcher, and Creehack. This article will discuss the top game hacker apps and the best Lucky Patcher alternatives for Android.

Lucky Patcher is the most popular of all the available, with thousands of users using it. Lucky Patcher Android allows users to modify app data to make modifications. Lucky Patcher also allows you to remove ads from games and apps. Lucky Patcher isn’t the only app of its kind. Many Game hacker apps for Android offer similar features.

The Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives For Android

These apps can be used on non-rooted devices, but others require root access.

1. AppSara


AppSara, an Android app that allows you to bypass in-game restrictions, is available. AppSara has more features than other apps in its category. The app is available on iOS, but it does not work on iOS. You will also need to have some technical knowledge to use the app.

2. Creehack

This powerful app allows you to bypass any game and app restrictions on Android. Creehack is compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices. Creehack, just like Lucky Patcher can be used for modifiable game data and app settings. You can quickly get unlimited gaming items like unlimited coins, golds, etc.

3. LeoPlay Card

Leo PlayCard

Another great game hacker app you can use on Android is the LeoPlay card. LeoPlay card is different because it can be used on both non-rooted and rooted Android devices. The app can be used to make unlimited in-app purchases. It unlocks certain features in select games.

4. Gamecih

Gamecih is an Android app that allows you to cheat on games. Gamecih automatically scans all files and displays them as editable. To modify in-game items, you can edit certain files.

5. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker

This is the most powerful and well-known game hacker app for Android. SB Game Hacker allows you to access unlimited gaming items such as Unlimited Golds and Unlimited Elixir. It works with both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, it is best to use the app on a rooted one.

6. Freedom


Although this is a hacker app, it has a unique approach. The app allows you to purchase premium features free of charge, instead of changing the app data. It makes use of fake accounts details and cards. This app could result in an account ban.

7. Game Killer

Game Killer

Game Killer is slightly different than the other games in this article. Only compatible with offline games. It can be used for unlocking games at the desired level. Game Killer is only compatible with rooted devices. It’s still a great game hacker app for Android.

8. Cheat Engine

Open-source game hacker software that is available for Android. Cheat Engine’s best feature is its ability to allow users to cheat on different games. Although it is not a hacker app, you can use cheats such as the high jump and wallhack.

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9. GameGuardian


GameGuardian, which can edit game files, is one of the top-rated and most highly rated Lucky Patcher alternatives. GameGuardian has fewer features than Lucky Patcher. It can scan for unknown values and speed hacks. The app is only compatible with rooted Android devices.

10. GameCIH


This app has not received an update since 2012, making it very outdated. GameCIH, just like Lucky Patcher can be used for modifying game data and removing verifications. It has a simple user interface and is one of the most popular Android game hacker apps.

What are the top game hacking apps for Android?

All the above apps can hack games. Lucky Patcher and SB Game Hackers were the most popular.

How can I hack Android games?

Hacking is not an easy job. You must first be familiar with how apps work. These apps will help you speed up your progress.

These apps are safe to use?

No! These apps are not safe to be used. Hacking games is illegal and can lead to serious consequences. The risk of being banned from an account is also high.

Note: Best Emulators does not encourage hacking. We do not recommend that you use game hacker apps. This could lead to legal problems. This article has been provided for educational and testing purposes. These apps are for educational purposes only.

These are the top Lucky Patcher alternatives you can use now. Let us know if you know of other Lucky Patcher alternatives in the comments box below. I hope you found this article helpful. Please share this article with your friends.

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