20 Best N64 Emulators For iOS in 2023

N64 Emulators For iOS: The Nintendo 64 (N64) was one of the most iconic gaming consoles of the 1990s. With classic games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and GoldenEye 007, the N64 has a special place in the hearts of many gamers.

Thanks to emulators, it’s possible to play N64 games on modern platforms like iOS. Emulators allow you to run N64 game ROMs on your iPhone or iPad, so you can relive those classic gaming moments on the go.

In this article, we will cover the 20 best N64 emulators currently available for iOS devices. We’ve compared factors like emulation accuracy, speed, features, and user interface to pick the top options.

Here is the list of the Top 20 N64 emulators for iOS

1. RetroArch


RetroArch is an open-source emulator that supports dozens of classic systems, including the N64. It serves as a front-end for several emulation cores, giving you plenty of options for fine-tuning performance. RetroArch provides excellent emulation accuracy and includes handy features like save states. The interface can be complex for beginners, but it’s one of the most powerful N64 emulators for iOS.

2. Delta

Delta emulator

Delta presents itself as an all-in-one emulator for iOS, supporting a long list of classic systems. The N64 core delivers fast performance and high accuracy, making it a top pick. Delta provides cloud syncing between devices, display filters, and a rewind feature. The app is free with unobtrusive ads, or you can pay a one-time fee to unlock the premium version.

3. Provenance


Provenance focuses on seamless integration with iOS, providing a clean Apple-style interface. It offers excellent N64 emulation accuracy with high compatibility across game libraries. Convenient features include save states, offline game manuals, and support for third-party controllers. Keep in mind that sideloading is required to install Provenance.

4. Nitro 64

nitro64 emulator

Developed by enthusiast programmers, Nitro64 aims for highly accurate N64 emulation on iOS. It can run almost all N64 titles flawlessly at high resolutions. Nitro64 also features rumble pak support, iCade controller support, and iOS 11 Files integration for easily loading ROMs. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve with the app’s complex settings.

5. Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64

If you’re looking for a simpler option, Nintendo 64 delivers solid N64 emulation in a streamlined package. It provides good performance and accuracy for most games with a lightweight interface. Gesture controls make gameplay intuitive on iOS touchscreens. While it lacks advanced configuration options, the Nintendo 64 is a good starter emulator for casual users.

6. Nin64


Nin64 is an open-source N64 emulator focused on speed and efficiency. It leverages the Mupen64Plus core for strong compatibility across the N64 library. The minimalist design makes Nin64 easy to jump into for quick gaming sessions. But it doesn’t have save states, rewinding, or other bonus features.

7. SixtyForce


One of the earliest N64 emulators for iOS, SixtyForce still holds up today thanks to consistent updates. It offers excellent compatibility along with options like emoji-based rumble pak support. SixtyForce’s simple interface is easy to use, but also rather dated compared to newer emulators. It’s a good option for older iOS versions.

8. AyeM64

AyeM64 focuses mainly on portability, optimization, and speed. It doesn’t have the accuracy of top-tier emulators but provides a stable experience for many N64 titles. The app is free to download with unobtrusive ads. There are plenty of settings for controls and performance tweaks. Save states help make up for occasional glitches and issues.

9. N64iOS

This emulator emphasizes high display resolution and performance tuning. N64iOS leverages the Mupen64Plus core with added optimizations. It also integrates with Provenance, supporting cross-linked save states. The interface is barebones yet functional. N64iOS is a good match for newer high-powered iOS devices. Just don’t expect stellar accuracy for all games.

10. HappyChick


HappyChick bills itself as an all-in-one retro gaming emulator. The N64 core delivers commendable performance and compatibility. ROM management and gamepad support make it convenient to use. On the downside, HappyChick loads games with ads and lacks certain advanced features. But it’s a solid option for casual gaming.

11. Nemu64

Developed by NovaDev, Nemu64 provides fast N64 emulation with decent accuracy across most of the library. The emulator includes rumble pak support and the ability to sync progress through iCloud. The free version displays ads during gameplay, which are removed via in-app purchases. There are also optional “reward” ads to earn coins for unlocking features.

12. MegaN64

MegaN64 is an N64 emulator based on Mupen64Plus targeted at high-end iOS devices. It can boost graphics to HD resolutions and delivers full-speed emulation for many titles. MegaN64 also supports rumble paks and save states. The major caveat is that it requires iOS 14 and drops support for older models due to its demanding nature.

13. Retro8

Retro8 emulator

Retro8 focuses on delivering quality performance across older iPhone and iPad models, making it more accessible than other emulators. It runs N64 titles at full speed with decent accuracy. The app is free to download and play, relying on ads instead of in-app purchases. Just keep in mind that Retro8 lacks certain advanced configuration options.

14. N64 GameBrowser

As its name suggests, N64 GameBrowser emphasizes easily browsing and selecting from your N64 ROM library. It automatically imports game box art for a polished interface. Performance is strong across most iOS devices, though accuracy falters on certain titles. But for casual gaming, it offers a streamlined user experience.

15. iN64

iN64 offers great N64 performance on both new and old iOS devices. It leverages the trusted Mupen64Plus core for solid compatibility. This emulator provides the essential features needed for enjoyable N64 gaming on iOS without going overboard. Support for the app seems to have tapered off, but it remains a good option.

16. N64oid

This emulator is the N64 installment in the “old” line from Robert Broglia, covering multiple retro systems. N64oid delivers quality emulation along with conveniences like saving states and controller customization. It stumbles occasionally on more resource-intensive titles. But for casual gaming on modest hardware, it fits the bill.

17. Ice

Ice focuses on delivering highly optimized N64 emulation, particularly for older devices. It runs smoothly even on iPhone 5 hardware. Ice does make some accuracy compromises to maintain performance, so it’s best suited for more casual gaming. However, the emulator is free and works well for many popular N64 titles.

18. Neon 64

Neon 64 manages to provide full-speed N64 emulation even on some of the oldest iOS devices out there. It taps into specialized plugins and performance tweaks to minimize resource usage. The tradeoff is subpar accuracy in many games. Neon 64 is worth considering mainly for breathing some N64 life into aging hardware.

19. N64 Master

This emulator leverages the OpenEmu core for solid N64 performance across most iOS models. It even includes the ability to upscale graphics to higher resolutions. The emulator is free to download but limits sessions to 10 minutes per ROM; you can pay a one-time unlock fee for unlimited playtime. Overall, it’s a decent casual gaming option.

20. 64Bit

One of the only truly free and unlimited N64 emulators left, 64Bit delivers respectable performance and compatibility. The interface is clunky and dated but gets the job done. Support seems to have ceased years ago, however. So while 64Bit still works, it’s probably not the best for newer devices and iOS versions.


That covers our picks for the top 20 N64 emulators currently available on iOS. There are great options whether you prioritize authenticity like RetroArch, sleek interfaces like Delta, or broad device support like N64 GameBrowser. Multi-system emulators are also convenient choices for playing N64 games alongside other classic titles.

With the right emulator, you can revisit childhood N64 favorites or discover new retro experiences on your iPhone or iPad. Just be sure to only use these applications for titles you legally own. Now go enjoy some GoldenEye on the go or finally beat Ocarina of Time from the comfort of your couch. The N64’s impressive library is at your fingertips with these iOS emulators.

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