10 Best Pokémon Blue Emulators in 2024

Pokémon Blue Version was one of the first installments in the popular Pokémon video game series. Originally released in 1996 for the Game Boy, Pokémon Blue allowed players to explore the region of Kanto and catch all 151 original Pokémon.

Over 25 years later, Pokémon Blue remains a classic game that many fans still enjoy playing. However, not everyone has access to an original Game Boy console or game cartridge anymore. This is where emulators come in handy!

What is a Pokémon Blue Emulator?

A Pokémon Blue emulator is a software program that mimics the hardware of the original Game Boy system. This allows you to play Pokémon Blue on modern devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Emulators work by reading the game’s ROM file and translating the code so that it will run properly on your device. This gives you the ability to play this classic Pokémon adventure on the go or relive childhood memories of exploring Kanto to catch ’em all.

In this guide, we will cover the 10 best Pokémon Blue emulators available in 2023 for various devices and operating systems.

Best Pokémon Blue Emulators

  1. John GBA – Best Pokémon Blue Emulator for Android

John GBA

John GBA is considered by many to be the best Game Boy Advance emulator for Android devices. It provides excellent accuracy and performance, making it a great choice for emulating Pokémon Blue.

Some key features of John GBA include:

  • High accuracy – mimics the operation of the original Game Boy hardware with precision. Pokémon Blue runs smoothly.
  • Customizable controls – layout the on-screen buttons, d-pad, and other controls however you like.
  • Auto-save – your progress is automatically saved so you can pick back up from where you left off.
  • Hardware controller support – pair controllers like Bluetooth gamepads for greater control.
  • Fast forward option – speed up gameplay when needed.

John GBA also provides additional options like video filters, cheat codes, and link cable emulation for trading Pokémon between emulator instances.

Overall, John GBA makes it easy to dive back into the world of Pokémon Blue from your Android phone or tablet. The emulator is free to download and open-source.

Download: Google Play Store

  1. OpenEmu – Ideal Pokémon Blue Emulator for Mac


For Mac users, OpenEmu is one of the better options for emulating Pokémon Blue. It allows you to add a variety of classic game emulators under one interface.

Here’s why OpenEmu is great for playing Pokémon Blue on a Mac:

  • User-friendly interface – easy to use even for emulator newcomers.
  • All-in-one – comes packed with multiple emulators, including a high-accuracy Game Boy Advance emulator.
  • Customizable controls – tailor the keyboard or gamepad mapping as you see fit.
  • Save states – save your progress anywhere and rewind to previous points.
  • Supports cheating – use cheat codes if you want to mess around.
  • Active development – regular updates and improvements.

The OpenEmu emulator uses the mGBA core for Game Boy Advance emulation. It delivers great performance and accuracy for games like Pokémon Blue. Overall an excellent choice for Mac users.

Download: OpenEmu.org

  1. mGBA – Best Standalone GBA Emulator for Windows


Looking for a solid standalone emulator just for Game Boy Advance games? Then check out mGBA for Windows. This open-source emulator was built specifically to mimic GBA hardware and runs Pokémon games incredibly well.

Key mGBA features:

  • Accuracy-focused – aims to replicate the exact GBA experience.
  • Good optimization – runs fast with low resource demand.
  • Customizable controls – map your keyboard, gamepad, or other controllers.
  • Support for ROM hacks – play Pokémon Blue hacks and fan games.
  • Active development – regular updates and bug fixes.

mGBA may not have all the bells and whistles of multifunction emulators. But its focus on accuracy delivers an authentic Pokémon Blue adventure. Its light footprint uses minimal system resources for smooth gameplay.

Download: mGBA.io

  1. RetroArch – Feature-Packed Pokémon Blue Emulator


RetroArch offers an all-in-one emulation experience with tons of options for customizing and enhancing your gameplay. Thanks to the integrated VBA-M core, it’s also easy to get Pokémon Blue running smoothly.

Some benefits of using RetroArch for Pokémon Blue:

  • Open-source & free – with no ads or annoyances.
  • VBA-M core – gives high-accuracy GBA emulation.
  • Shaders & filters – make the retro graphics look crisp and clean.
  • Rewind & slow motion – great for tricky in-game moments.
  • Multiplayer support – link cable emulation.
  • Broad device support – works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
  • Emulator tricks – cheat codes, speed up, save states, and more.

While it may seem complex at first, RetroArch offers one of the most customizable and full-featured Pokémon Blue emulator experiences available today.

Download: RetroArch.com

  1. Visual Boy Advance-M – Top Pokémon Blue Emulator for PC

Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance-M (or VBA-M) is considered the best standalone Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows. It delivers superb accuracy and performance when running Pokémon Blue.

Some key points about VBA-M:

  • Accurate GBA emulation – runs 99% of games flawlessly.
  • Clean interface – easy to load ROMs and start playing.
  • Custom controller support – map gamepads, joystick, or keyboard controls.
  • Fast-forward option – speed up gameplay when needed.
  • Link cable support – trade Pokémon between emulator instances.
  • Actively updated – bugs fixed and improvements added regularly.

Overall, VBA-M makes playing Pokémon Blue on your Windows PC a breeze. It runs smoothly, has solid controller support, and provides the optimal environment to explore Kanto.

Download: VBA-M.com

  1. Eclipse – Pokémon Blue Emulator for iPhone

Download Eclipse Emulator

For iPhone and iPad users, Eclipse is one of the top emulator apps for Game Boy Advance games. It enables smooth Pokémon Blue gameplay directly on iOS devices.

Benefits of using Eclipse for Pokémon adventures on the go:

  • Optimized for mobile – touchscreen buttons, portrait & landscape modes.
  • Cloud sync – transfer saves between devices.
  • Hardware controller support – wireless Bluetooth controllers.
  • Auto-save states – resume from where you left off.
  • Multiple emulator cores – for best performance per game.
  • No ads or hidden costs – 100% free.

While the emulator selection on the iPhone is limited, Eclipse meets the need. It delivers playable Pokémon Blue performance in a user-friendly package tailored for touchscreens.

Download: App Store

  1. Boycott Advance – Browser-Based Pokémon Blue Emulator

Boycott Advance

Want to play Pokémon Blue directly in your web browser without downloading anything? Check out Boycott Advance. This online GBA emulator runs Pokémon smoothly right on website pages.

Key perks of playing Pokémon Blue via Boycott Advance:

  • Web-based – nothing to install, works on any browser.
  • Mobile-friendly – touch controls on phones and tablets.
  • Save states – pick up where you left off.
  • Performance optimized – provides smooth gameplay.
  • No lag or sound issues – highly stable.
  • Customizable controls – keyboard, mobile, or gamepad.

For casual gameplay on the go, Boycott Advance delivers. Bookmark the site on mobile and you can do some quick Pokémon training anywhere anytime. Just bring your game file.

Play: BoycottAdvance.org

  1. My Boy! – Top Pokémon Emulator for Android Phones

My Boy

My Boy! is a fast, full-featured Game Boy Advance emulator designed specifically for Android. It makes playing Pokémon Blue a smooth experience across a wide range of phones and tablets.

Here’s what makes My Boy! one of the top Pokémon emulators for mobile:

  • Universal ROM compatibility – runs all Pokémon titles flawlessly.
  • Highly optimized – leverages your phone’s hardware for speed.
  • Custom layouts & controls – personalize the play interface.
  • Link cable support – trade Pokémon with other instances.
  • Cloud sync – resume games across multiple devices.
  • Hardware controller support – Bluetooth gamepads.

With great optimization and mobile-friendly features, My Boy! is perfect for catching Pokémon on the go. It delivers one of the best Pokémon Blue emulation experiences on Android.

Download: Google Play Store

  1. GBA4iOS – Ideal for Pokémon on iPhone

GBA4iOS Emulator

For iPhone and iPad, GBA4iOS provides one of the simplest ways to start playing Pokémon titles. While not the most robust emulator, its easy setup makes it great for casual play.

Benefits of GBA4iOS for Pokémon:

  • Quick installation – be playing in minutes.
  • No jailbreak required – download directly on any iPhone.
  • Touchscreen support – good interface for mobile.
  • iCloud sync – transfer saves between devices.
  • In-app ROM browser – find and play titles with ease.
  • Basic features – save states, controls, gameplay speed.

GBA4iOS may lack some advanced features but provides an accessible Pokémon experience for iPhone owners. Download ROMs right in the browser to start your adventure within minutes.

Download: iEmulators.com

  1. BatGBA – Lightweight Pokémon Blue Emulator for PC


If you want a no-frills emulator that gets the job done well, check out BatGBA. It delivers solid Pokémon Blue emulation in a very lightweight package for Windows.

Key points on BatGBA:

  • Tiny footprint – under 1MB installer.
  • Good optimization – runs fast on old or low-spec PCs.
  • Accurate GBA emulation – plays Pokémon titles flawlessly.
  • Custom controller support – keyboard, gamepad, and more.
  • Simple interface – easy to launch ROMs.
  • Active development – bugs fixed and improvements added.

Some features like save states are missing. But if your focus is smooth and accurate Pokémon gameplay on older machines, BatGBA is tough to beat. The tiny program runs anywhere.

Download: BatGBA.com

FAQs About Pokémon Blue Emulators

What is the best Pokémon Blue emulator?

There is no definitive “best” emulator, as it depends on your device and needs. However, some top options include John GBA for Android, OpenEmu for Mac, mGBA or VBA-M for Windows, Eclipse for iPhone, and My Boy! for mobile.

Is emulator gaming legal?

Emulators themselves are legal. However, you should own and possess the original game to legally play ROMs. Downloading copyrighted ROMs from the internet without ownership is illegal.

Can you trade Pokémon with emulators?

Yes, many emulators simulate link cable trading. This allows trading Pokémon between instances on the same device or connected over the internet. John GBA and My Boy! are two mobile emulators with good link trading support.

Can emulators play old Pokémon ROM hacks?

Most emulators fully support ROM hacks, fan games, and other modified versions of Pokémon titles. This allows you to enjoy creative fan-made Pokémon content on devices beyond the original Game Boy.

Will Pokémon Blue emulators work on Chromebooks?

Select emulators like VBA-M and RetroArch that offer Linux versions that can run on Chromebooks. There are also Android emulators like John GBA that work through the Google Play Store when Chromebooks are in tablet mode.

How can I play Pokémon Blue on Mac for free?

OpenEmu provides one of the easiest free ways to emulate Pokémon Blue on a Mac. It comes preloaded with a GBA core and you can add the ROM file to play. RetroArch is another good multipurpose free emulator for Mac.


Pokémon Blue was a game-changing release back in the 1990s. Thanks to emulators, you can now relive this iconic journey on modern computers and mobile devices.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or discovering Pokémon for the first time, emulators open up opportunities to catch ’em all once again. Options like John GBA, OpenEmu, VBA-M, and RetroArch make it convenient to play the classics on the go.

Just be sure to own the original game and play responsibly. With that covered, simply download your emulator of choice, add your Pokémon Blue ROM file, and set off on a grand Kanto adventure. There’s still plenty to explore and Pokémon to battle in this timeless classic.

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