15 Sites To Download Free PC Games In 2022

Download Free Games For PC

PC Gaming is widely getting popular in modern society. And many pc gamers can hardly get their pc built and it is very difficult to buy paid games for such gamers. That’s why gamers are actively searching for the best sites to download free PC games and add them to their gaming collection. If you are also one of them, this article with Best Quality Websites to Download Free PC Games will help you out.

List Of Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

The sites we have mentioned below are totally safe and secure and will make it easy for you to search for new and classic games in a wide range of categories and genres, from action-packed shooters to the latest sports games. So let’s start with the best sites to download free PC games.

1. Origin


Origin is one of the top sites for downloading PC video games. The platform is owned and operated by EA (Electronic Arts), it is one of the largest gaming companies available in the world. EA has published some of the renowned game titles 

Origin features built-in twitch streaming, in-depth profile management, total social media, and console account integration. Overall, Origin gives its users more features than they need, which is a good thing.

2. Steam


When we talk about video game platforms and stores, Steam is one of the biggest names in the industry. Stream is a destination of many gamers for finding games, it offers many types of games. You can find a lot of free-to-play games on steam such as action games, casual games, adventure games, and RPG games. 

3. G2A

G2A is also one of the most popular sites for getting a big discount on the latest game titles. Although you won’t be able to find any free game here if you are looking for a place where you pay less and get more. 

4. Mega Games

If you are a hardcore gamer then you’ll love this platform, Mega Games is totally for true gamers who don’t just play the game they love that game. Mega Games has trainers, mods, fixers, and popular titles as well. You can find lots of under-dog and indie titles here. Mega games include horror, arcade, puzzle, arena, and shooter games. The user interface of the site is simple and easy, the user can even own content on the site. 

5. Battle.net

Battle.net is also known as BNET and it is a game distribution platform and the company is owned by Activision Blizzards. This is one of the best places to find free games from their huge game library. You can find many interesting titles such as word of warcraft, hearthstone, and starcraft II. 

6. Epic Games Store

Epic Games

Epic Games Store is a major competitor in the market, the main rival of Epic games is Steam and Epic Games have put a lot of money and effort to make their platform successful. The platform also offers free tittlso regularly. They have many big games available on their platforms such as Genshin Impact and World of Warship. 

7. Acid Play

If you are looking for some simple games, Acid play is the best site for that, this includes games developed by individual aspiring game developers who want to showcase their game for free. The platform has a simple site layout and offers a direct download feature. The site has a simple layout that helps to browse through the latest freeware games. 

8. AllGamesAtoZ

AllGamesAtoZ is not like Epic Games or Steam, this is kind of a guide that tells you about the all different kinds of free PC games available in the market. The site is filled with lists of many free PC games available on the market and they regularly update it with new titles and provide the links of the site from where the free game can be downloaded.

9. Softpedia

Softpedia games

Softpedia is a platform where the user can get a direct download link for all kinds of applications and software for Mac, Windows, and Android. Softpedia is also an effective place to find free games. The games library is not that huge like others but you can find some good free games.

10. Ocean of Games

As the name says, it is an ocean of games here you can find a countless number of free games in a range of genres. Although the site looks a bit outdated it works well and includes category buttons and a useful search bar to find out the best game you like. Perhaps you will find this site like a normal blog, but every post contains the details of all the games as well as their direct download links that have been given. You can find a range of popular genres like strategy, action, shooter, adventure, and puzzle. 

11. Gametop


If you are a casual gamer and want to play some small games, Gametop is for you, you can find typically small games such as Time Machine, The Three Musketeers, treasure island, the statue of liberty, and many more. So you can check out the site if you want to play some small games. 

12. Free2Play

Free2Play offers massive multiplayer online games and Role-playing games for free. Along with games, it is a great site for game news including interviews, articles, and reviews of games available on the website. 

Some of the recommendations from our side:

13. Reloaded.org

Reloaded provides remake games of the classics, many indie games, and hundreds of advertisements. You might find some games according to your taste.

Reloaded.org also hosts interviews and a list of game makers who have contributed to the website.

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14. Itch.io

Itch provides a lot of indie games that will help you to break the very cliche military set in modern-day video games. The user can buy, upload, and play free games on the website. 

There is a game called “Adventures with Anxiety” which is one of the most amazing games available on itch.

15. GOG


Good Old Games has a huge collection of games from the 1990s. The Platform provides both paid and free video games. The company manages to survive in the Steam-dominated PC gaming marketplace.

Games We Recommend Download:

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