DayZ: Tips And Tricks For The New Players In 2022

DayZ: Tips And Tricks For The New Players

DayZ is the most thrilling and gripping action game for Xbox and PlayStation fans. The game is full of entertainment and based on survival of the fittest. Zombies attack, collect food to survive, and, of course, protect themselves from the zombies, ready to pump up the booster dose of adrenaline.

A-Pro gamer knows how to survive the Zombie’s attack. But if you’re a beginner, you may face difficulty fighting the zombies. Don’t worry! This guide will provide some strategies to ensure that you survive longer and win the game.

So, here are the complete survival tips for novice gamers. 

  1. Collect All The Essentials

To win the fane, you need to survive longer. However, you need sufficient food throughout the journey for more prolonged survival. So, try to collect all the essentials available in the game. Collecting essential help to gain vital energy and helps to fight the Zombies and reach the location faster.

When you’re into the game, try to collect all the food available or lie on the ground. You may see different animals passing by your side. They may try to attack you, so it would be great to keep a sharp knife. This helps to protect you from animal attacks.

Maybe you find the food on the water, inland, and in houses. Try to pick up the food quickly and reach the location faster than other people.

  1. Aim to Survive for Longer

DayZ is all about survival of the fittest. The energetic one who has plenty of food and a sharp mind will survive. So, one of the powerful DayZ cheats aims to survive for a long time. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways you die in the game. Therefore, keep your aim to survive the attacks as much as possible.

You’re probably wrong if you think you can finish this game without facing zombies or death. Instead, it’s better to take short steps and slowly move toward your target.

Enjoy the game by taking baby steps and tracking the zombies. Give up the idea of running faster and reaching the target. If you do such, probably, get down and hit by the Zombies.

  1. Give  A Break to the Traffic Areas

If you aim to survive longer in the game, the best hack is to avoid high traffic areas. Some of the danger zones of the game are as follows:

  • Northwest
  • Brazen
  • Northeast airfield

These are some of the high-risk areas you need to avoid altogether, no matter how difficult. Players can only enter the place to stock up on the weapons needed to kill Zombies. Though it would be great to collect the weapons, the places are precarious, and you may have high death rates.

Therefore, you can avoid such places if you’ve got a low energy level. Instead, stick to towns and villages where you get sufficient weapons and supplies to protect yourself from the Zombie’s attack.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on Stat Bars

Keeping an eye on the stats bar is critical if you aim to win the game. The stats give you a brief about your energy level and the amount of damage that occurs to you. You must therefore pay attention to them. This helps to spend your energy properly and live longer in the game.

If your stats indicate a low energy level, you may have less energy, and your blood level is very low. Try to collect vital components such as saline, food, and blood bags. However, if your body part is damaged and bleeding, try to stop the bleeding with the help of rags and bandages.

  1. Silence is the Key to Success 

The best hack to survive longer into fame is staying silent. Your secrecy is the key to winning the game. So keep yourself hidden and protected from Zombies.

Bottom Line 

Congratulations! Now you know how to survive better in the game and make a big win. If you want to become the best maestro player, follow these tips and tricks. Undoubtedly, the tips we’ve shared here help you survive for longer and make you a pro-level player. For more gaming hacks, keep following and reading the post. Are you still here to read? Then, play the game, follow the hacks and make a big win.

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