10 Free Software Download Sites With Crack For Windows PC- Best In 2022

Free Software Download Sites With Crack/ Crack Software Websites

Millions of software are available on the internet to download. There is much useful software available for free to download but on the other hand, there is some excellent software that is paid for. Many users want to benefit from the paid software but they can’t afford it, because most of the users are students or just not financially stable to buy this software.

So, there exists a cracked version of this paid software. The cracked versions are free and provide the exact features as the original ones. But most of them are full of viruses and malware. They can put your computer at a big risk.

If you are looking for free cracked software download sites that are not only free but also safe, then this blog is for you. Because in this blog we have given the top 10 sites to download cracked software. So stick to the end!

Note: Best Emulators never support downloading any cracked or illegal apps or contents, this article is for information purpose only.

List Of Best Cracked Software Websites

1. FileHippo

FileHippoThe first site is called file hippo. It is a nice website and you can find all sorts of cracked software. The highlighting thing of filehippo is that it has a comparatively fast speed than any other website on this list. You can search for software and directly download it from the webpage. You can visit FileHippo here.

2. Giveaway Radar

Giveaway Radar

Giveaway Radar is a free software download site and a special kind of website. It is not exactly a cracked software site but you can get a lot of cracked software links from Giveaway Radar. They also give away software for free and give links to different software giveaways. You can check it out here.

3. MalwareTips

The next crack software site is called MalwareTips. It is a forum site and they give away a lot of software on their website. They also give tech news and other stuff related to technology. You can check the website here.

4. Topware Sale

Topware Sale is a free software download site and an amazing site where they give away software daily. They have many premium software available for free. They not only give software for free but also you can buy premium software for a very low price, that way you will know that the software is safe to use and official.
You can visit the Topware Sale here.

5. Pirate City

Pirate City

The next free software site is Pirate City. It is a website based on only cracked software. You can find all kinds of cracked software on Pirate City. It has pirated software for both Windows and MAC. It is not so popular but it has pretty good cracked software. You can check it out here.

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6. TechTipLib

TechTipLib is one of the best-cracked software websites that I have come across. It not only has cracked software but also e-books, freeware, WordPress themes, etc. You can easily download premium software for free with the help of TechTipLib. There is a long list of software on their website that you should check out.

7. GetIntoPC


The next free software download site is GetIntoPC. You may already know this site because of its popularity. It has a huge list of cracked software. From anti-virus to editing tools, it has everything that you can think of. They have been providing their cracked software service for many years now and they have a good reputation in this space. So do check GetIntoPC out. Here is the link.

8. CrackHomes

CrackHomes is the next cracked software website on our list. You can find much useful software on CrackHomes. You can not only get this software but also a detailed description of this software. It is not so popular because it is not a very old website. Do check this website out, this is a good website.

9. Download io

Download io

It is a giveaway website and they give away premium software for free. They give away Android, IOS, Windows, and MAC software on their website. You can participate in these giveaways to win premium apps and software. This software is completely safe to download and use. But still, we recommend you to be careful. You can check it out here.

10. Techno360

The last website on our free cracked software list is Techno360. They have much software available for free and they also host giveaways from time to time on their website. You can visit Techno360 here.

NOTE- The above-given websites are best to download cracked software for free. They are safe to download and use. But you must also be cautious, you should run a virus scan after downloading any software from any of these websites to make sure you don’t get a virus on your computer.


In this blog, we have discussed the best Free Software Download Site or cracked software sites. These websites are safe and virus-free, but you should still be careful. You can download any software you want from these websites.

Though it should even be mentioned that each one of the websites is shared for educational purposes only. Downloading cracked software is a likely violation of the terms and conditions of the app developers. So we aren’t liable for any damage dealt by your mistakes.

Lastly, I hope that this blog helped you, if you have any questions then do ask them in the comments.

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