Skyline Emulator For Android And iOS (Download APK/IPA) Nintendo Switch In 2022

Skyline Emulator For Android And iOS

Skyline Emulator, an open-source emulator for Nintendo Switch by Citra’s creators. It’s written in C++ and has active maintenance for iOS as well as Android. It is licensed under the MPL.


GitHub is where most of the development takes place. It is also the home of our central repository.

You can contribute to the project by reading the Developer Information and the Contributor’s Guide. To find out the status of the emulator, you can also contact Discord developers.

Skyline Emulator System Requirements

The emulator can also be used on Android 6.0 or higher on 64-bit Android phones. The iOS Switch emulator is still in beta and should not be expected to work as well as its Android counterpart.

It is recommended to have at least 2GB of RAM. Emulating speed does not depend on RAM speed. Specifications


The project is almost complete and has now reached its final structure

  • Memory Management
  • NCE:
    • Multiple Processes support
    • Support for threading
    • The event loop is driven so that arbitrary tasks can still be done within cycles
    • Support for KThread status, handling timeouts
    • All functions now support the PID parameter
  • Commentary to be added to the codebase of every function and class found in header files
  • New Icon
  • Signing release APKs
  • SVCs:

The stable Switch emulator version is a great choice. It works well with many games and has been thoroughly tested. While the development versions include the most recent optimizations and fixes, they are constantly in flux and may not be tested thoroughly. Unknown bugs could also occur.

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  • Nintendo Switch is trademarked by Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Android is a trademarked product of Google LLC.

The latest update:

  • Processes and threads that comply with TLS
  • IPC Marshalling
  • Service handler
  • Services: (Just enough for libNX Initialization to pass, but they haven’t been completed).

Skyline Emulator Download:

Skyline Emulator for Android OS: skyline-update.apk

Skyline Emulator iOS: Skyline-update.ipa

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