Download GBWhatsApp Heymods In 2022

Download GBWhatsApp Heymods

GBWhatsApp is an improved and customized version of the original WhatsApp. It is based on a WhatsApp mod that was terminated by the makers of WhatsApp when they simplified the app.

The GBWhatsApp Mod persisted, and as a result, we now have the GBWhatsApp, which you can simply tweak if you are a developer. GBWhatsApp has a modified user interface for extra functionality and operates under the same license and protocol as WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Heymods

Because the GBWhatsApp apk isn’t available in the Google Play store. Because Whatsapp does not permit the development of modified versions of their official Whatsapp app. The issue now is, “Is GBWhatsApp safe?” We shall address this later in this essay. So don’t go somewhere or you’ll lose out on a lot of information regarding the GB WhatsApp apk.

GB WhatsApp got millions of users in a short period because of its new or unique important features such as Anti Delete status, Show Blue tick after reply, who may call me, and much more.

GBWhatsApp HeyMods

HeyMods Crew is a mod-loving team that wants to improve Whatsapp in the same way as Yo, GB, and Coocoo did, however, GBWhatsApp is no longer supported.

HeyMods Team pays gratitude to the GBWhatsApp developer, who created excellent mods and encouraged us to create a new version of GBWhatsApp and extend its life.

GBWhatsApp Heymods APK file details

APK NameGBWhatsApp (GB WhatsApp) apk
APK version19.60.1
Last Updated On14 Apr 2022
WhatsApp Base2.21.24.22 (GooglePlay)
Size48.4 MB
Package Namecom. gbwhatsapp
Required Android4.4+
Root AccessNo
DeveloperHeyMods Team


GBWhatsApp Mod APK latest version

ic update gbwa.png is the most recent version of GBWhatsApp HeyMods. The GBWhatsApp apk developer has now ceased updating the GBWhatsApp app. Keep checking back to our page for the most recent Mod app downloads for GB WhatsApp Mod APK. There are many more blogs that provide GBWhatsApp or other Whatsapp mod APK files, however, if you want to keep your data secure, avoid downloading any app file from unfamiliar sources. Because the APK file may include malware that will steal your info from your Android device.

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Below we have added some of the best advantages of GBWhatsApp Mod APK by HeyMods

  • Anti-ban

Whatsapp is banning accounts that engage in strange behavior, such as posting a 5-minute video to the GBWhatsApp app status. However, with the current version of GB WhatsApp, you no longer need to be concerned about this. Because this has been addressed in the GBWhatsApp version ic update gbwa.png.If you don’t want your account to be banned, don’t overuse GBWhatsApp apk Extra features that aren’t accessible on the official version of Whatsapp apk.

  • Mod Update

Because the original developer has ceased providing updates for the GBWhatsApp apk. So we’re not sure if we’ll provide an update or not. If there is any fresh information, we will put it on our blog. If you haven’t already, please bookmark this blog and click the allow the option to get future notifications. As previously said, Yousef Al-Basha will be working on GB WhatsApp mod apk file updates.

  • GBWhatsApp web

Most users who work in workplaces are unable to use their mobile phones while working on their computers. As a result, the GBWhatsApp apk web function is quite significant to them. Whatsapp web is a standard function that is also available on Official Whatsapp. Many users inquired, “Does GBWhatsApp support the Whatsapp web feature?” Yes, the answer is yes. This functionality is available in the GBWhatsApp apk. GB WhatsApp gives you access to capabilities that are not accessible in the official version.

  • GBWhatsApp For PC

There is no official Whatsapp application for Windows. If you wish to run GBWhatsApp apk on Windows, you must first download an emulator. You can only use any Android app through an emulator. On the internet, you may find a plethora of emulators.

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