5 Best GBA Emulators For iOS In 2022

GBA Emulator iOS 2022

GameBoy Advance is one of the best and most renowned portable gaming consoles. Even today people like you and me like to play games on GameBoy advance. There is just one problem the company discontinued the manufacturing of GameBoy Advance (GBA) and if luck by chance we get any piece that will be too pricey. But, If you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a way that you can enjoy all the GameBoy games on your iOS device. 

You just need to install GBA Emulator on your iOS device. The problem is there countless emulators are available in the market but which one is best. With that thought keep in mind we have curated a list of the best GBA emulators for iOS available in the market so that you can enjoy your favorite GBA game on your iPhone.  

List of GameBoy Advance (GBA) Emulators/ iOS GBA emulator 2022

1. Delta Emulator


Delta Emulator is one of the best GBA for iOS emulators on this list. In this, you can play games not only of GameBoy Advance (GBA) but also of other Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and GBC games. The user can easily download game ROMs and import them to the Delta emulator. User can enjoy their favorite game with on-screen buttons or an external controller. 

Delta Emulator provides you full control over the emulator, you can customize almost everything. Even, you can save and load your game progress.


  • You can save and load states
  • Cheat codes can be activated 
  • Fast-forward option is also there 
  • Support many game ROMs


  • The emulator has multiple controller skins
  • Horizontal and vertical modes are available 
  • It supports Dropbox & Google Drive synchronization


  • It has limited features

Download Delta Emulator 

2. GBA4iOS


GBA4iOS is the best GBA emulator for ios and is developed by the same developer as Delta Emulator. It is the best GBA emulator for an iOS device a user can find on the internet. It allows the user to play any games, It doesn’t matter from which platform the ROM belongs, you just need an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 or above and you are good to go.

GBA4iOS has many unique features which make it more similar to the real GameBoy Advance console. It almost provides the same experience as the real GBA without purchasing it. It also allows you to play multiplayer GBA games and that too without any cable. You just need wifi and BlueTooth to connect with the other device to play multiplayer. It also has an amazing feature called Airplay technology and it allows you to transmit the game screen to another display. 


  • It has multiplayer support
  • The developer has redesigned for iOS 7
  • It also supports the iPad
  • GameBoy Color Support
  • iOS 7 Controller Support
  • Save the state is also there 


  • Event Distribution
  •  It has Dropbox Sync
  • you can customize Controller Skins
  • Sustain Button
  • you can add cheat codes


  • It is a bit difficult to Setup

Download GBA4iOS Emulator

3. Happy Chick


Happy Chick is the GBA emulator iPhone that has a variety of game types to fulfill the need and requirements of its users. It has a wide range of different types of games that are ready to play games. You just have to install Happy Chick and you are ready to play. Apart from this you can easily download other ROMs and can play. Also, let us mention one thing it doesn’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to use this emulator. Users can connect the gamepad for a better and smoother experience. 


  • It supports cloud storage.
  • You can play online multiplayer games.
  • You can use it freely.
  • A user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Support external controller 


  • It supports gamepads
  • Can be installed on non-jailbroken iDevices
  • It also has a cloud save function


  • A bit more complex setup 

Download Happy Chick

4. RetroArch Emulator 


RetroAtch Emulator has a very user-friendly interface that allows users to keep their games organized. It allows users to access all the tools which are needed to play games on the computer, game engine, and mobile phone. RetroArch supports almost all kinds of games from GameBoy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and virtual Boy. The developers of RetroArch are adding new programs to its Library so that the user can access them. The users can connect joypads and RetroArch will automatically configure them.


  • You can scan the file and it will automatically add the game to your game collection.
  • The user can remap the game’s controls.
  • You can save the game state.


  • It is open-source and free to use.
  • The user can use cheats in the game
  • The RetroArch’s library gets regular updates
  • Use NetPlay for Multiplayer Gaming


  • Common Errors when Opening some Games

Download RetroArch Emulator 

5. Provenance emulator


Provenance Emulator is known as a multi-emulator because it supports almost all kinds of ROMs. the list is too big but we are adding some popular ROMs like GBC, GBA, Sega Genesis, Gamegear, Famicom, and more. It has many other features like the users can save and play the game at any time. The user can customize the on-screen controllers.

You can even choose your preferred orientation whether it is portrait or landscape. To play any game you just have to download the ROM and import it to the Provenance emulator and, you are now ready to play without any issues or interruption. The customization and modification are very vast in the emulator. 


  • You can create your game map and game controls.
  • One-click play is supported.
  • It supports cloud storage.
  • No jailbreak is required.
  • The user-friendly interface of the emulator.


  • It allows autosave
  • You can change controller opacity
  • It shows the FPS count
  • Use CTR Filters


  • Not Available in App Store
  • Several Bugs are there.

Download Provenance Emulator 

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