4 Best Video Games To Boost Your Mood In 2022

Best Video Games To Boost Your Mood

According to computer games researcher Katherine Isbister in her book “How Games Move Us” (2016), many of her colleagues and friends believe gaming might dull people’s feelings.

It’s natural that they believe this, given the apparent Link between Video Games and Violence, but Isbister isn’t one of them. Games can play a significant role in fostering empathy and other intense, positive emotional experiences.

The goal of digital game design is to make gamers laugh, weep, and empathize with the other characters and players. If you’re in need of some lighthearted fun, these four games are sure to do the trick.

1. Fortnite

The importance of “pleasure” can’t be overstated when life is in such a bleak state. “Fun” was coined by Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga in 1938.

The joy of playing defies all logic and explanation. It cannot be reduced to another mental category because it is an idea in and of itself.

Humans and other animals, according to Huizinga, have a basic need for enjoyment that transcends our intellectual faculties. This wasn’t done to downplay the importance of having a good time but to emphasize its relevance as an essential part of our emotional repertoire.

This is why Epic Games’ Fortnite has been a better fit for your gaming schedule. Fortnite is a competitive shooting game at its core, but its cartoon-like look separates it from other games in its gameplay and visual design. Play as a pink llama as you build box forts and throw snowballs together with up to 100 other players in the game. Over the course of the game’s existence, more than 250 million people have taken part in it.

2. Kind Words

Kind Words (Lo-Fi Chill Beats to Write To) by Ziba Scott may appear strange initially. Writing and receiving encouraging letters in a cozy environment surrounded by the soothing sounds of “lo-fi chill beats” is all that is required.

It’s based on the popular YouTube phenomenon lo-fi hip hop radio, which features chill and study-friendly sounds. Live chat is unusually sparkling on this channel because of the mix of chill electronic music played over animation. It has become a place for emotional confessions.

The exchange of messages may play a vital role even if it’s tempting to reject the game because of its simplicity. In the spirit of YouTube, Kind Words lets players write a letter about an issue they’re concerned about and receive responses from a community of strangers. Isbister compares this form of communication to a letter a parent leaves in their child’s lunchbox, saying that it is both tiny and emotional.

3. Going Under

According to Dan Cook, a game designer, humor in games is challenging because of the competing nature of games and comedy. When it comes to video games, the predictable is what makes them fun to play, as opposed to the unpredictable in humor.

To a large extent, even the best comic writing is doomed in video games due to the constant repetition that causes gamers to become accustomed to the unexpected. On the other hand, punk culture expert Krista Bonello believes that humor in games can be successful if it draws on the player’s previous gaming experiences (and nostalgia).

Thus, Going Under succeeds in twisting the action-adventure setting into the reality of crumbling startups. When it comes to treasure hunting, players will have to look no further than the remains of defunct tech corporations in order to find and steal the valuables that lie within. Perhaps the most amusing aspect of this is that we’re merely interns and are supposed to do this for free.

4. Euro Truck Simulator

Finally, I’d want to provide some advice to anyone who needs to unwind – or embrace abnegation, as it is known in game theory. Because of the paper Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics, abnegation has become synonymous with that “zoning out” feeling we get while playing video games.

Players in Euro Truck Simulator, a game with practically no purpose, are asked to spend hours and hours driving a freight truck through computer-generated versions of Europe. With clear objectives and easy-to-learn controls, some players may get lost in the game for hours.

Signing Off:

Hope you enjoyed knowing about these mood-boosting video games. Next time whenever you feel down, just pick up your phone and start playing any of these games.

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