5 Best PS2 Emulators For Mac Download In 2022

Download PS2 Emulators For Mac

PS2 is a home video game console that has been developed by Sony Entertainment company. The company becomes a trendsetter because of its PlayStation game console series. Sony has sold 155 million copies of PlayStation 2  backing with 3000+ games and that makes it the best-selling home video game of all time.

Even today many people are willing to play PS2 games to get that nostalgic feeling and remember those days. Buying a PS2 console would not be a great step and if you buy the console you have to buy games as well and finding your favorite games would be a big task.

But, still, there is a way to play PS2 games. You can use a PS2 emulator that can emulate the PS2 video game console to your computer and since this article is for MACs so below we have mentioned some of the best Ps2 emulators for Mac.

List of Best PS2 Emulators For Mac

This is the curated list of the best PS2 emulators available in the market so you can choose anyone to play your favorite games.

1. Virtual Gaming Station (VGS)

Virtual Gaming Station is developed by Connectix. This VGS is the best suitable emulator for Macs because it is specifically designed and developed for the mac computer but now it has been upgraded to work with Windows PCs as well. 

Additionally, the VGS emulator library has a large number of excellent titles and it enables you to play the majority of PlayStation games. Also, the games that were exclusively available only for PlayStation 2 are available to play with this emulator. But Sony filed a lawsuit against Connectix,  claiming that the company’s rivalry with VGS posed a danger to Sony. On the other, Connectix had the upper hand that’s why sony decided to purchase the ps2 emulator macOS and stop it. Although, people can find the previous versions of the ps2 emulator macOS on the internet.

Advantage of Virtual Gaming Station:

  • The emulator application is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. 
  • VGS has a huge library of exciting titles. 

2. PCSX2 Mac

PCSX2 mac

PSCX2 mac is another great emulator for mac computers to emulate Playstation 2. Also, is the most comprehensive emulator available in the market. The emulator allows the users to play a wide variety of PS2 games on their mac computers. Additionally, the emulator has been in the audio and the performance department. 

Advantages of PCSX2 mac:

  • The emulator is bundled in a most comprehensive way which is a more helpful thing.
  • PCSX2 mac offers players a huge variety of PS2 games. 
  • Improved sound and performance.

3. NeutrinoSX2 

NeutrinoSX2 is an open-source PS2 emulator for mac. To use the emulator properly you have to install PS2 Bio files on your computer. The emulator was primarily developed by but he developed only half the program. That’s the user will not be able to play commercial games on this emulator. The compatibility of the NeutrinoSX2 is superb.

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Advantages of NeutrinoSX2:

  • This is one of the most popular open-source PlayStation emulators. 
  • The application offers superb compatibility. 
  • The sound quality is great.



PS2EMU is crated by three developers notably Scar, Shunt, & Roor, and their goal was to replicate the PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, it is still under development. You should not expect any huge from this emulator it is very compatible and its development philosophy is novel.

Also, the user will need PS2 biodata to run the emulator on Windows or pcsx2 mac. The emulator is free and doesn’t come with any plugin. 

Advantages of PS2EMU:

  • Great compatibility 
  • Can replicate PS2 console. 

5. ePSXe


‘E’ in the name of ePSXe shows the enhanced word. It is one of the best emulators that update on the regular basis. The development aims to provide a superior PlayStation experience that is not accessible in any other competing emulators.

The emulator is available for free and it allows you to play a variety of PlayStation games without experiencing any difficulties. Also, the user gets the option to customize audio settings. 

Advantages of ePSXe:

  • Enhanced emulator
  • Serves superior experience
  • Customizable audio settings 

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