Top 6 Ways To Fix Ark Low-Level Fatal Error 2022

How To Fix Ark Low-Level Fatal Error

Here we have discussed the reasons and solutions for the Ark low-level fatal error that you should check below.

Ark: Survival Evolved is considered one of the best PC games to kill time. It is an action-adventure game filled with dinosaurs and other creatures that might kill you. You have to survive these creatures and win the game. You get a lot of cool and different weapons for this purpose. You have to kill these creatures to survive.

The game is awesome but there are many errors that many players have been facing since the beginning of the game’s release. The most common among them is the Ark low-level fatal error. Are you also facing the Ark low-kevel fatal error? If you are, then follow this blog. Because we have all of the solutions for you.

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Reasons for the Ark low-level fatal error

The Ark low-level error can be caused by tons of reasons and it is one of the most common errors to ever exist in Ark. These are the most common reasons for this error to occur, you should check them to identify the problem:

  • Use of an Outdated version of Ark cam cause you errors
  • The use of Outdated graphics drivers can cause errors
  • Corrupted and damaged game files can cause you different types of problems including the Ark error
  • The use of game optimization applications can sometimes cause these errors

If you have identifies the reason in your cases then well and good, but if not then try the given solutions.

1. Download Damaged Files

The most known reason for the Ark low-level error is damaged files so the ideal solution is to fix these files. We can’t go through all the files and pick out the damaged ones. So you should go to the Steam client and then verify the files.

Verifying the game files will identify the damaged files and then fix them too. This is a very nice option given by Steam so you should take advantage of it. Most of the time this works and might also work for you so try it out.

2. Update Graphics Drivers

This solution is applicable if you have outdated graphics drivers. Because graphic drivers can play an important role in fixing errors. Sometimes only updating the graphics drivers can fix a lot of problems so you should check them first. To update your Nvidia Geforce graphic drivers, follow these steps:

Nvidia GPU Driver

  • Launch your Nvidia Geforce Experience.
  • After that select the Driver Tab
  • Then search for Nvidia GPU Drivers

From the GPU drivers see if any update is available. If you see an update download it and then restart your game to check the error.

This should fix your error.

3. Remove Game Optimization

The use of game optimization is not the best option because it can cause many problems including the Ark’s low-level fatal error. If you are using any game optimization app then delete it or disable it and then check for the error. Other than  that follow these steps:

  • Launch your Nvidia Geforce Experience on your PC.
  • After that, look for a gear icon and click on it.
  • Then select the option Game.
  • Lastly, disable the game optimization option if it is enabled.

If the problem was due to the game optimization then the error should go by now.

4. Update the Game

This is one of the most important things that most people ignore. Updates can fix many errors and fix the Ark low-level fatal error. If you are like most people and you haven’t updated your game then you should update your game as soon as possible. The use of an outdated app will not only cause errors but also decrease the stability of the application. So you should always keep your games and application updated.

Run in Compatibility Mode

The next solution to fix the Ark error is to run the game in compatibility mode. Sometimes errors can also occur due to compatibility issues. This can be solved by running the game in compatibility mode.

If you are bot friendly with the process of running a program in compatibility mode then follow these steps:

Stop your game and from the desktop icon right-click on the game.

  • Now click on properties from the dialogue box.
  • Now from the new window click on the Compatibility Tab.
  • In the compatibility tab, you’ll find the option “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode”. Select it and your program will run in compatibility mode.

Once your game is running in the compatibility mode, check for the error, it should not resist.

6. Re-install the Game

As mentioned before, this error can be caused by corrupted and missing files so the ideal way to fix this error is to fix those corrupted files. But it is not efficient to go through every file and check if it is damaged or not. So the best option that remains is not re-install the game.

You should do a clean re-install and then check for the error. It will go and you can again enjoy your Ark game without any problem.


Ark low-level fatal error is a very common type of error and can be caused by many reasons. So keeping in mind the most common reasons we have created this list of the top 6 ways to fix the Ark low-level fatal error. You can use these ways to fix the Ark error. Lastly, I hope your error is vanished by now, let us know if you know of any other solutions for this error.

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