Best Escape From Tarkov Keys To Keep In All Maps (2022)

Best Escape From Tarkov Keys To Keep In All Maps

Keys may be used to open access to certain treasures in EFT, and they can also be sold for money. This article will assist you in determining which Escape from Tarkov keys are worth saving in order to maximize your earnings. Here are some tips and recommendations for all maps, from Customs to Shoreline and more.

Escape from Tarkov Keys

Here are some community proposals for the high-priority keys to maintaining each map. The majority of them are recommendations from @Pestily, one of the most well-known EFT players.

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Tarkov Keys Best Customs Map Keys to Keep

  • Mark Key
  • Factory
  • 114 Key
  • Customs Key
  • 110 Key
  • Room 204
  • Room 214
  • 105 Key
  • Gas Station
  • Storage
  • USEC key
  • 314 key

Best Woods Map Keys

  • KSH
  • ZB-014
  • Toyota Car key

Factory Map Keys

  • Factory

Tarkov Best Shoreline Map Keys Worth Keeping

  • Tape key
  • San 222
  • San 301
  • HEPS
  • San 310
  • San 205
  • San 218
  • San 216
  • San 104
  • San 112
  • Storeroom
  • San 205
  • San 220
  • San 107
  • Cottage
  • Safe (Cottage)
  • San 308
  • San 314
  • Safe (Warehouse)
  • Safe (Management)
  • San 306
  • Safe 321

Best EFT Interchange Map Keys

  • KIBA 2
  • KIBA
  • MED ST
  • #11SR
  • MES
  • #21WS
  • Pharmacy
  • Log. Office

Best Labs Map Keys

  • Red
  • LkASR
  • LkMO
  • Black
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Key Card
  • LkTA (W)
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Best EFT Reserve Map Keys

  • RB-BK
  • RB-VO
  • RB-AM
  • RB-PSP1
  • RB-PSP2
  • RB-PS81
  • RB-PS82
  • RB-TB
  • RB-ORB1
  • RB-MP11
  • RB-MP12
  • RB-MP13
  • RB-MP21
  • RB-MP22
  • RB-KSM
  • RB-SMP
  • RB-ORB2
  • RB-ORB3
  • RB-ST
  • RB-SO
  • RB-OP
  • RB-GN
  • RB-RS
  • RB-SMP
  • Best Lighthouse Keys
  • Merin car trunk key
  • Rogue USEC stash key
  • Rogue USEC workshop key
  • USEC first safe key
  • USEC second safe key

How to Decide which EFT keys are Worth Keeping?

Thanks to Geeks on YouTube for these recommendations; check his video for additional information. Geeks suggest that you consider these considerations before determining whether or not to preserve a key.

What keys should I keep in Tarkov Keys?

  • Is it a Quest key?
  • Do you play the Map?
  • Are you in need of money that you’ll get by selling the key?

When you answer these questions, you will quickly see what the key is. Check the wiki for a specific key since knowing what’s behind the lock is critical. If you enjoy the loot, go ahead and keep it. Furthermore, if you are in desperate need of money, check the Flea Market for the current price and decide if you need the money at that time or not. Whether it’s a quest key, look at the level required to determine if it’s something you can complete quickly or if the level is a little too high.

So, when you examine the aspects of money required, whether or not it’s a quest key, and whether or not you play the map frequently, you might obtain the answer you’re seeking for. Explore Gamer Tweak for more EFT instructions!

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