Google Snake Games – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

The classic snake game has been a staple of tech products for decades. From early cell phones to Windows PC solitaire, we’ve whiled away countless hours guiding a pixelated serpent around a screen, gobbling up treats to make our snakes grow ever longer.

In the late 2000s, Google put its spin on the iconic game with Google Snake. Also referred to as Google Snake Game or Snake Google Game, this Easter egg hidden inside Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google products added new and entertaining twists to the age-old formula.

With simple one-handed gameplay perfect for killing time, Google Snake struck a chord with countless users. The game still enjoys tremendous popularity today among casual gamers and nostalgic fans alike.

This comprehensive guide will explore the origins and gameplay of Google Snake games across all platforms. We’ll share tips and tricks for unlocking these legendary Easter eggs, mastering each version’s unique challenges, and improving your high scores.

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A Brief History of Google Snake

The beginnings of Google Snake can be traced back to 2010 when Google added a simplified Snake variant to the Google Maps app for Android and iOS. Set on a map of major cities, this Easter egg game challenged users to navigate their snake through city streets, “eating” landmarks to grow longer.

Snake started as a secret hidden inside Google Maps, but its popularity led Google to expand the game into other products:

  • In 2013, a new Snake game debuted in the Google Maps app for April Fools’ Day. This version transformed the map into an arcade game with multiple snakes and fun power-ups.
  • Also in 2013, Google embedded Snake inside YouTube videos for April Fools. When paused, videos would become a Snake game board.
  • In 2015, Google Snake slithered its way into the Google Photos app. Users could summon a snake game overlay for any photo with a gesture.
  • In 2016, Google added a Snake variant to its main Google Search page. Typing “snake” would prompt a playable Snake game above search results.
  • In 2020, a new 3D version of Snake arrived on Google Chrome to celebrate the browser’s 10th anniversary. This mode turns any website into a virtual snake arena.

While details vary between versions, the core snake game Google experience remains familiar. Players guide a snake made of chain-linked blocks through a confined space, collecting objects to extend the snake’s tail while avoiding collisions with walls or the snake’s own body. Simple, addictive fun.

Now let’s examine each Google Snake incarnation in greater depth.

Google Snake on Google Maps

The snake’s original home on Google Maps established gameplay conventions that later versions would build upon.

To play Snake on Google Maps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your iOS or Android device. It can be in map view or satellite view.
  2. Tap and hold two fingers on the screen until a number appears – this is your snake speed.
  3. Use your fingers to steer the snake left and right through city streets and landmarks.
  4. Gobble up ping pong balls to increase your snake’s size.
  5. Avoid crashing your snake into walls, buildings, or itself to keep growing.
  6. High scores and speed increase as your snake grows longer.
  7. The game ends when your snake collides with something.

Key Tips:

  • Focus on collecting ping pong balls, not just covering distance. More balls = higher score.
  • Speed up once your snake is long enough to make turns easily.
  • Scope out wide boulevards in major cities for easier maneuvering.

Mastering Google Maps Snake takes sharp reflexes and spatial awareness. But the simple one-finger control scheme makes it easy to pick up and play anywhere.

Google Snake on YouTube

The 2013 April Fools’ Day integration with YouTube added a fun new dimension to Google Snake gameplay.

To play Snake on YouTube:

  1. Navigate to any video on YouTube in a web browser.
  2. Click the video to pause it. This will overlay a classic green Snake gameboard.
  3. Use your keyboard arrows to move the snake around, gobbling apples.
  4. Each apple eaten increases the snake’s size.
  5. Avoid colliding with walls or the snake’s tail.
  6. Pressing ESC pauses the game and resumes the video.

Key Tips:

  • Long videos = more time to build your high score.
  • Mouse over the gameboard to spotlight turkeys for extra points.
  • Go for small apples to increase speed or large apples for bigger-size boosts.

YouTube Snake pays homage to classic arcade Snake mechanics. Pausing longer videos provides more gameplay time to rack up points.

Google Snake on Google Photos

Google Photos gave mobile users a fun way to pass the time with Google Snake.

To play Snake on Google Photos:

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select any photo stored in your library.
  3. Drag two fingers vertically from the bottom of the screen to unveil the snake.
  4. Tilt your device left/right to steer the snake. Collect icons to grow longer.
  5. Avoid crashing into screen edges or the snake’s body.
  6. Exit by dragging two fingers down or pressing the Back button.

Key Tips:

  • Playing horizontally provides more navigation space.
  • Enable device rotation for easier left/right tilting.
  • Stacked icons briefly stop snake movement, so grab them carefully.

Google Photos Snake capitalizes on mobile gyroscopic controls for an accelerometer-based take on the formula. Tilting your phone matches the simplistic fun of classic Snake on older cell phones.

Google Snake on the Google Search Page

Google also brought their Snake variant directly into their iconic search page.

To play Snake on Google Search:

  1. Open in any desktop web browser.
  2. Type “snake” and hit enter. Don’t click search.
  3. In the search results, click “Play Snake.” An arcade game appears!
  4. Use arrow keys to navigate the snake around the board.
  5. Collect red dots and avoid walls or self-collision.
  6. Hit the P key to pause and resume.

Key Tips:

  • Grab all four food dots at once for a huge size boost.
  • Walls wrap around, so keep moving up to push through the bottom.
  • Pausing can help align food-grabbing strategies.

The Google Search Snake game preserves the most traditional rendition of arcade-style Snake gameplay. Simple controls and power-up dots provide old-school Snake excitement.

Google Snake in 3D / Chrome Snake

Google launched an ambitious 3D version of Snake in 2020 for Chrome’s 10th birthday.

To play Chrome Snake:

  1. Have Google Chrome installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook.
  2. Go to in your browser address bar.
  3. Click your profile icon then ENABLE in the pop-up window.
  4. Mouse over any web page. An inverted 3D snake pit will appear.
  5. Use your keyboard arrows to navigate the snake in 3D space.
  6. Gobble up blue dots to grow your snake longer.
  7. Grab power-ups like slow motion and circle snakes.
  8. Avoid colliding with the edges, walls, or snake body.

Key Tips:

  • Tap left/right arrows rapidly to speed up movement.
  • Scroll web pages to access more 3D playspace.
  • Grab time slow dots before tricky maneuvers.

Chrome Snake reinvents the game for desktop gameplay with full 3D movement and perspective. Familiar snake mechanics adapt well to keyboard controls and 3D navigation.

Strategies for Scoring More Points

Now that you know how to play all the Google Snake variants, let’s explore some key strategies to master these games.

Here are 5 tips to score higher and snake longer across every Google Snake edition:

  1. Cut Corners

Snakes turn slowly. Rather than navigating right angles, cut corners diagonally to maintain movement efficiency.

  1. Grab Rapidly

Don’t cautiously approach food dots – rush into them headfirst. This preserves momentum for quickly chaining together pickups.

  1. Use Walls

Letting the edges of the board reset your position can set up trickier maneuvers. Just be sure to avoid collisions.

  1. Slow and Steady

Resist max speed until your snake is long enough to handle it. Favor-controlled movement over raw velocity.

  1. Think Ahead

Scan for the optimal path between multiple dots and steer toward it before snagging the first. Plan.

Snake high score prowess requires spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and quick reflexes. However, mastering the above universal tips will boost your Google Snake skills across every version of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Snake

Google Snake is tremendously popular, but also hides a few standard stumbling blocks. Here are answers to some FAQs about unlocking and mastering Google’s iconic snake games:

Q: Why can’t I find Google Snake on my phone/computer?

A: Google Snake is only available on certain Android and iOS versions of apps like Google Maps, Photos, and YouTube. Make sure your apps are updated to the latest versions.

Q: How do I start the game in Google Maps?

A: Tap and hold two fingers on the Google Maps screen until a number appears – this sets snake speed. Then navigate your snake by swiping in any direction.

Q: The snake gets fast! How do I slow it down?

A: Unfortunately there’s no way to reduce snake speed once the game has started. Either avoid speed-up items or restart to reset the speed.

Q: Can I save my snake game if I exit the app?

A: No, Google Snake does not save progress if you switch apps or exit. It’s designed as a temporary quick game, not something to resume later.

Q: How do I control the snake on mobile touchscreens?

A: Swipe your finger in the direction you want the snake to turn. Don’t tap, or you’ll make the snake move forward. Gentle swiping provides the best control.

Q: Is there a two-player mode for Google Snake?

A: No, all versions of Google Snake are single-player only. There is no way to play competitively or cooperatively with other people.

Q: Are there cheats or hacks to improve my Google Snake scores?

A: No known cheats exist. Google Snake relies entirely on skill. Focus on improving maneuvering skills rather than looking for shortcuts.

Q: Can I play Google Snake on an iOS device without Google apps?

A: Unfortunately Google Snake requires Google’s apps like Maps, Photos, and YouTube to be installed. There is no iPhone snake game from Google available on the App Store.

Google Snake is a challenging arcade classic reimagined into quick, casual games perfect for killing time. Follow these tips and answers to unlock the snakes hidden across Google’s apps and services.


Google Snake has established itself as one of the tech giant’s most beloved Easter eggs. With simple controls and addictive gameplay, these snake variants exemplify Google’s fun side.

The snake’s journey from Google Maps to dominating Google’s other apps speaks to its tremendous popularity across all platforms. As a remake of a true classic game, Google Snake continues introducing new generations to the timeless fun of guiding a perpetually growing reptile through increasingly challenging mazes.

Between the tilt-based mobile Snake games and keyboard-driven desktop versions, Google has innovated Snake for the touchscreen era while preserving its retro arcade appeal. Both new and nostalgic players have embraced Google’s approach to reinventing Snake.

Looking ahead, the future may hold even more Google Snake twists. With April Fools’ Day debuts being a tradition, the tech giant likely has ideas in the works for evolving their iconic mobile game once again. But no matter what form it takes, Google Snake will continue delighting fans with its perfect balance of novel gameplay innovations and classic snake action.

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