MotionInJoy DS3 : Use Your PS3 Controller On PC 2023

MotionInJoy DS3 is a small application that allows you to use your PlayStation 3 controller (also known as the Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller) on a Windows PC. With MotionInJoy DS3 installed, your PS3 controller acts just like an Xbox 360 controller, making it easy to use with any game or program that supports Xbox controllers.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using MotionInJoy DS3, including:

  • What is MotionInJoy DS3 and How Does it Work?
  • Benefits of Using a PS3 Controller on a PC
  • How to Install and Set Up MotionInJoy DS3
  • Pairing Your PS3 Controller to Your PC
  • Configuring Controls and Settings
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
  • Alternatives to MotionInJoy DS3

Let’s dive in and learn how to use your DualShock 3 controller with your Windows PC!

What is MotionInJoy DS3 and How Does it Work?

MotionInJoy DS3 is a small driver package developed by MotionInJoy that allows your PlayStation 3 controller to mimic an Xbox 360 controller when connected to a PC via USB.

It works by installing custom drivers on your Windows PC that translate your DS3 controller inputs into Xbox 360 controller inputs. This enables games and programs designed for Xbox controllers to work seamlessly with your DualShock 3.

Some key features provided by MotionInJoy DS3:

  • Use PS3 controllers wired via USB or wirelessly with Bluetooth
  • Customize controls, button mappings, deadzones, and more
  • Support for up to 4 controllers connected simultaneously
  • Works with vibration and Sixaxis motion sensing
  • Includes profiles for many popular games

MotionInJoy DS3 makes the PS3 controller extremely versatile for PC gaming. You get all the benefits of the DualShock 3’s comfortable design and motion-sensing features in a wide range of games.

Benefits of Using a PS3 Controller on a PC

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a PlayStation 3 controller on your Windows PC with MotionInJoy DS3:

Comfortable, Familiar Design – The DualShock 3 controller design has been refined over several console generations. Its ergonomic shape and responsive buttons make it comfortable for long gaming sessions. If you’re used to PS3, the controller feels right at home.

Built-in Motion Sensors – The Sixaxis motion sensor inside every DualShock 3 controller enables motion-based controls and precision input. Great for racing games, flight simulators, and other motion-centric titles.

Wireless Bluetooth Support – DS3 controllers can easily connect wirelessly to PCs with Bluetooth built-in or via a Bluetooth adapter. Gives you a greater range of motion and eliminates messy wires.

Touchpad and Gyroscope – The PS4’s DualShock 4 controller has a built-in touchpad and gyroscope sensor. These extra inputs can be useful for certain PC games too.

HD Rumble – On newer PS5 DualSense controllers, advanced haptic feedback technology enables precise vibration effects and texture sensations. Brings immersive rumble to your PC gameplay.

Rechargeable Battery – DualShock 3 controllers use a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Much more convenient than using disposable AA batteries like Xbox controllers require.

Cost Effective – PS3 controllers are readily available and very affordable, especially used. Far cheaper than buying the latest Xbox or other specialty PC gamepads.

How to Download and Install and Set Up MotionInJoy DS3

Installing MotionInJoy DS3 is fast and simple. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of MotionInJoy from the official website. Avoid downloading from other sites to ensure no malware or viruses.
  2. Run the MotionInJoy setup file and go through the installation wizard. Accept all the default settings.
  3. Connect your PS3 controller to your PC using a micro USB cable. Windows should automatically begin installing drivers.
  4. Launch the MotionInJoy DS3 Tool. It may prompt you to update the controller firmware – allow it to do so.
  5. In the main DS3 Tool window, go to the Driver Manager tab. Install the Xbox 360 controller driver option.
  6. Once driver installation is complete, go to the Profile Manager tab. Here you can enable extra features like the touchpad mapper.

That’s it! MotionInJoy DS3 is installed and your PS3 controller should now act exactly like an Xbox 360 controller when connected via USB. The DS3 Tool gives you everything else you need to customize controls and settings further.

How to Download MotionInJoy DS3 from other sources

To download MotionInJoy DS3, go to the MotionInJoy website and click on the download link. This will download the latest version of the software. Once it has finished downloading, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install MotionInJoy. Make sure to install the drivers as well during the installation process.

After it is installed, connect your PS3 controller to your PC via USB. Windows should automatically detect and install the device drivers. Then open the MotionInJoy application. It will detect your controller and you can configure it to work properly with games. The software maps your PS3 controller buttons to keyboard keys and allows adjusting analog sticks and vibration. After proper configuration, your PS3 controller will work seamlessly with games on your PC.

Pairing Your PS3 Controller to Your PC

Once MotionInJoy DS3 is set up, you can also connect your controller wirelessly via Bluetooth. This gives you freedom of movement and eliminates any wired connection.

To pair via Bluetooth:

  1. Ensure your Windows PC has Bluetooth connectivity, either built-in or through a USB Bluetooth adapter.
  2. In the DS3 Tool, go to the Bluetooth Manager tab.
  3. Check the “Enable Bluetooth Function” option and click Connect Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Put your PS3 controller into Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing and holding the PS button and Share button until the lightbar flashes.
  5. On your PC, it should detect the wireless controller. Select it and click Connect.
  6. Your PS3 controller is now paired! The lightbar will turn solid blue when connected. Disconnect the USB cable if it is connected.

Your DualShock 3 is now wirelessly connected to your PC with MotionInJoy DS3’s Bluetooth functionality. The connection process only needs to be done once – from then on, you can simply turn on the controller and it will reconnect automatically.

Configuring Controls and Settings

MotionInJoy DS3 gives you extensive options for tweaking controls, sensitivity, button mappings, and other settings for your paired controllers.

In the DS3 Tool:

  • Go to the Profile Manager tab to create custom profiles for games with specific control mappings.
  • On the Buttons tab, reassign any button or axis to a different controller input.
  • Adjust joystick dead zones and sensitivity under the Sticks tab.
  • Enable or disable vibration features under the Vibration tab.
  • Calibrate motion sensing by hitting Start and following on-screen prompts.

Take some time to dial in settings that feel right for the games you play. The optimal settings depend on your preferences and gaming genre.

Troubleshooting Common MotionInJoy DS3 Issues

MotionInJoy DS3 generally works well, but you may encounter an occasional issue. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Controller Not Connecting – Ensure you have the correct drivers installed via the DS3 Tool. Try connecting the USB cable to different ports. Replace the cable if possible.

Bluetooth Not Working – Double-check that Bluetooth is enabled in Windows settings and the DS3 Tool. Make sure the controller lightbar is flashing to indicate pairing mode.

Buttons Not Working – Go to the Buttons tab and reset to default mappings. Also, try re-calibrating the motion sensors.

Can’t Install Drivers – Run the DS3 Tool and installer as Administrator. Update MotionInJoy to the newest available version.

Vibration Not Working – Check the Vibration tab and confirm vibration is enabled. Try adjusting the vibration intensities.

Other Games Not Supported – You may need to manually create a custom profile for the game with button mappings configured.

For advanced issues, you can find additional troubleshooting tips on MotionInJoy’s website and their community forums.

Alternatives to MotionInJoy DS3

While MotionInJoy DS3 is the most popular solution, here are some alternative tools to look at for using PS3 controllers on PC:

  • SCPToolkit – Similar features and driver-level integration as MotionInJoy. Actively developed and updated.
  • DS3 Tool – Lightweight open-source tool focused just on core controller inputs. Less full-featured.
  • InputMapper – Developed by the makers of DS4Windows. Supports PS3 and PS4 controllers.
  • Pinnacle Game Profiler – Commercial software with advanced customization and profiles.
  • x360ce – Small or light emulator that translates inputs to Xbox 360 controller signals.

Look into the options to see which software solution best suits your needs and the level of customization required.


That covers everything you need to know to start using your PlayStation 3 controller on your Windows PC! MotionInJoy DS3 makes the setup process quick and easy.

With your DualShock 3 controller paired via USB or Bluetooth, you can enjoy your favorite games on PC with the comfort and precision of the PS3 gamepad. Take time to dive into the customization settings to optimize the experience.

Have fun gaming on a PC with your PS3 controller! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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