Play DS Games From SD Card on Your 3DS With TWiLight Menu++ In 2023

Play DS Games From SD Card

The 3DS is an amazing handheld gaming device that allows you to play all your favorite Nintendo DS games. However, carrying around multiple game cards can be cumbersome. Wouldn’t it be great if you could store all your DS games on an SD card and play them directly from there? Well, now you can with TWiLight Menu++!

Twilight Menu++ is a homebrew application that lets you install DS games onto your 3DS SD card and play them without needing the physical game card. This opens up so many possibilities and makes playing DS games on your 3DS incredibly convenient. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get TWiLight Menu++ set up and running on your 3DS.

What is TWiLight Menu++?

Twilight Menu++ is an open-source homebrew application for the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to play Nintendo DS games from your SD card. It utilizes DS flashcart firmware along with some extra features to bypass the need for an actual flashcart.

Some key features of TWiLight Menu++ include:

  • Play commercial DS game ROMs from your SD card
  • Supports both NDS and DSi-enhanced games
  • Save game files directly to the SD card
  • Supports cheats and real-time save states
  • DS download play support
  • Customizable themes and menus
  • Widescreen display options
  • Supports local wireless multiplayer
  • In-game restore points

So with TWiLight Menu++, you can have your entire DS game library accessible right from your 3DS without needing to carry around any game cards!


To use TWiLight Menu++, you will need:

  • A Nintendo 3DS/2DS system on firmware version 11.14.0 or lower
  • The latest release of TWiLight Menu++
  • A micro SD card (recommended at least 8GB)
  • DS game ROM files

It’s important to note that you need a hacked 3DS to be able to run homebrew apps like TWiLight Menu++. There are several methods to install custom firmware – we recommend following the for step-by-step instructions.

Once your 3DS is hacked and capable of running homebrew, you’re ready to install TWiLight Menu++!

Installing TWiLight Menu++:

Here are the steps to get TWiLight Menu++ installed on your 3DS:

  1. Download the latest TWiLight Menu++ CIA file from the official GitHub page.
  2. Using FBI on your 3DS, install the TWiLight Menu++ CIA file.
  3. The app will now show up on your 3DS home menu – launch TWiLight Menu++.
  4. The first time you open it, TWiLight Menu++ will guide you through some configuration steps. When prompted, choose the SD card as the default location for storing games and saves.
  5. Once you complete the initial setup, TWiLight Menu++ is ready to go!

Getting DS Game ROMs:

Now you need to get some Nintendo DS games in ROM format to play on TWiLight Menu++. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Dump your own physical DS game cartridges to ROM files using a flashcart or specialized software. This allows you to legally play games you already own.
  • Search online for DS game ROM packs and downloads. However, we cannot recommend or assist with finding illegal pirated games online.

Once you have your DS ROMs, simply copy them over to the /nds folder on your 3DS SD card. They will now show up in TWiLight Menu++’s game library ready to play!

Playing DS Games:

Launching and playing DS games with TWiLight Menu++ is easy:

  1. Open TWiLight Menu++ from your 3DS home menu.
  2. Your installed DS ROMs will be listed – tap the one you want to play.
  3. The game will begin booting up just like an actual DS game card.
  4. Enjoy playing your DS game! All saves will be stored directly on the SD card.
  5. You can hit the home button to exit back to the 3DS menu at any time.

Twilight Menu++ allows you to customize the experience too. You can change the skin/theme, modify emulator settings, assign hotkeys, and more. Take some time to dive into the settings to optimize playback and features for your games.

Extra Features:

Beyond just playing DS games, TWiLight Menu++ comes packed with some additional features that enhance the experience:

  • Real-time save states – freeze and resume your progress anywhere
  • Action replay cheat codes – activate cheats like unlimited lives
  • Screen filters – simulate the DS dual screen on one 3DS screen
  • Custom bottom screen skins – change how the touch screen looks
  • Widescreen display options – stretch games to fill the entire 3DS screen
  • Local wireless multiplayer – play DS download play games with friends
  • Homebrew support – run other DS homebrew tools

TWiLight Menu++ is under active development so new features are continually being added as well. It’s a great piece of software that unlocks the full potential of your 3DS.


Being able to play your DS library right from the convenience of your 3DS SD card is a game changer. Twilight Menu++ makes this possible and so much more. Setting it up on your hacked 3DS is simple and it provides a ton of customization options. Now you can have all your games ready at any time without fumbling with cartridges. Try out TWiLight Menu++ today to enjoy your favorites and experience the DS library like never before directly on your 3DS!

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