5 Best Emulators For PUBG In 2022

Best Emulators For PUBG

Are you guys looking for the best emulators for the PUBG game? Read this article to read and download the best emulators for PUBG. As we all know, Players Unknown Battleground Mobile (PUBG) is one of the most popular games on mobile devices. It is a battle royal game and the mobile version of PUBG PC. It is a PC game that was launched via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017, with a full release in December 2017, and become the top battle royal game in PC.

After a year later, PUBG mobile has been launched and has been one of the best-selling and most-played video games of all time. Many people wish to play PUBG mobile on PC also, for that you guys need an emulator. An emulator allows you to run PUBG mobile on PC and get the most out of it. By using a keyboard and mouse, the player can get more control and stability in the game. 

List Of Best Emulators For PUBG Mobile

In this list, we have mentioned the handpicked emulators that can flawlessly run the PUBG mobile game on PC with incredible graphics. 

1. Gameloop


Gameloop is developed by Tencent itself, which developed the PUBG mobile as well. The emulator is also known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. The emulator is optimized for gaming and can run other games from the Tencent library. 

YOu just have to download the installation file, once the installation is done, download the PUBG mobile game. After the game is downloaded and installed, players can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games account.

Like mobile phones, after you login into the game, you can download the maps you want in the game, except for Erangle, which comes pre-installed. The emulator has the options like mobile where players can download the HD Audio, HD Graphics, HD Resource Packs, etc.

2. BlueStacks


BlueStacks is one of the most reliable and oldest emulators in the PC emulator gaming space. BlueStacks has fixed a lot of issues and bugs over the period and now it is a very polished software. It can run any high-end Android game smoothly with the help of DirectX and the system graphics.

This emulator is very simple and easy to use in terms of usage. The player can download the software from the official site, and after the installation gets completed, players can sign in to the Google Play Store using their Google Account credentials.

After the setup of the emulator is properly done, you need to search for the PUBG Mobile game in the Google Play Store and download it. After installing the PUBG mobile you can log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games account to play the game.

3. MEMU Play


If you don’t have a PC with high peripherals and want to play PUBG mobile on your mid-range PC. MEmu Player is just made for you, this emulator can be run on a laptop that has 4GB of RAM or less and does not need a dedicated graphics card. 

If the user has a dedicated graphics card on their PC or laptop, the software utilizes its potential to enhance the graphics.

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The emulator also comes with the most basic settings such as key binding and mapping that will quickly optimize the PUBG Mobile game on your PC.

4. Nox Player

Nox Player

Nox Player is also a very popular option to emulate the PUBG Mobile on a PC or laptop. The emulator is better known for its FPS delivering performance, which helps in rendering a smooth gaming experience.

Getting a good FPS count is eminent in shooter games and battle royale games like PUBG Mobile because as it helps in reducing motion blur. Although the Nox player has a bit tricky user interface and it can take a while to get used to it. 

Also, the user can customize the controls according to the preferences and the player cannot change the keys from the settings menu.

5. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

The emulator is developed by Jide Technology and the emulator is known for its user interface and simplicity when compared to other emulators. The emulator offers tons of customization options to their users, you can customize every control you want according to your desire and even modify the graphics from the settings menu. 

The program is significantly optimized to get the work done on low-specs PCs or laptops, if you are looking for an emulator with numerous customization options, then the Remix OS Player is the one.

Wrapping up 

These are the top emulators for those who want to play PUBG mobile effectively and efficiently, also applications come with a ton of great features compared to others.

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