Download iNDS Emulator for Android/iOS For Free 2023

The iNDS emulator is one of the most popular Nintendo DS emulators for mobile devices like Android and iOS. It allows you to play classic DS games like Pokémon, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and many more on your phone or tablet.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the iNDS emulator including its features, how to download and install it on Android and iOS, tips for optimal performance, and solutions to common issues. We have also included an FAQ section at the end to answer some frequently asked questions about the emulator.

Overview of iNDS Emulator

The iNDS emulator was developed by indie developer “iND” as a freeware Nintendo DS emulator for Android and iOS devices. It emulates nearly all aspects of the real Nintendo DS console including both screens, dual-screen graphics, microphone input, gyro sensor support, and local multiplayer support over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Some key features of iNDS include:

  • Supports most commercial DS games as well as homebrew ROMs
  • Save state support to save/resume progress anytime
  • On-screen button controls or external controller support
  • Customizable screen layouts and control schemes
  • Fast forward and slow motion modes
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientations
  • Local multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Supports gyro controls by using the phone’s motion sensors
  • Cheat code support for game enhancements or shortcuts

Overall, the iNDS emulator provides an authentic Nintendo DS experience on your mobile device and is great for revisiting classic DS games on the go.

Downloading iNDS Emulator on Android

Here are the steps to download and install the iNDS emulator on an Android device:

  1. Enable Install from Unknown Sources: Go to Settings > Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This allows installing apps outside of the Google Play store.
  2. Get iNDS APK: Download the latest iNDS APK file from the official website or a trusted third-party Android APK provider.
  3. Install the iNDS APK: Once downloaded, open the APK file and tap Install. Accept any permission pop-ups that appear.
  4. Launch iNDS: The iNDS icon will appear on your home screen/app drawer. Tap to launch it.
  5. Allow Permissions: Grant the app requested permissions like storage access when prompted. This is required for saving games and loading ROMs.
  6. Configure Controls: The first time you launch iNDS, you may need to configure the on-screen control overlay or customize the button layout.

That’s it! iNDS is now ready to play Nintendo DS games on your Android device. Just get your DS ROMs and load them into the app to start playing.

Downloading iNDS Emulator on iOS/iPhone

The process for getting iNDS on an iPhone or iPad is a bit more complicated because you cannot install third-party unsigned IPAs on stock iOS devices. Here are the options:

  • Jailbroken iOS Device: You can install iNDS IPA easily on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad. Just search for “iNDS” in your favorite package manager like Cydia or Sileo and install it.
  • AltStore (No Jailbreak): Use AltStore and AltServer to sideload the iNDS IPA on your non-jailbroken iOS device. This allows you to refresh the app regularly to keep it installed.
  • Signing Services: Services like Appdb, iOS Haven, etc can sign the iNDS IPA with your Apple ID so you can install it directly, no jailbreak is required. Just login, upload the IPA, and install it.

Overall, getting iNDS on iOS requires some additional steps compared to Android but ultimately provides the same great DS emulation experience. Be sure to back up your device before jailbreaking or using unofficial signing methods.

How to Set Up Games in iNDS

Once you have iNDS installed on your device, you need to add DS ROM files to play them. Here are the steps:

  1. Get Nintendo DS ROMs: ROM files are required to play games in emulators. You can extract your backup ROMs or find downloadable ones on the web.
  2. Copy ROMs to Device: Transfer the DS ROM files to your device storage over USB or wirelessly. Create a folder like “nds” to store them together.
  3. Allow Storage Permission: Enable storage access for iNDS from Settings if prompted. This allows it to access your ROMs folder.
  4. Load ROM in iNDS: Open the emulator, go to Load ROM, and browse the folder containing your DS ROMs. Tap a ROM to load it.
  5. Adjust Display Layout: You can choose between different display layouts in Settings to best fit the game. The top/bottom layout mimics holding a DS.
  6. Enjoy Your Games!: The ROM will start running in emulated DS mode. Play using on-screen controls or an external gamepad. Have fun!

To switch games, just load another ROM file. Your progress is automatically saved for each game so you can easily resume where you left off.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to get the best possible gameplay experience when using the iNDS emulator:

  • For optimal performance, use a device with a higher-end processor like Snapdragon 865 and at least 4GB RAM. This ensures smooth gameplay.
  • Tweak the graphics settings and frameskip in Settings > Display to find the right balance between visual quality and speed.
  • Try both the Touch and Gamepad control modes to see which one you prefer for each game’s controls.
  • If a game isn’t saving properly, enable the “Patch save data” option under Settings > Advanced.
  • For mic/blowing input, use the on-screen mic button or headphone mic which works better than the built-in mic.
  • Enable gyro controls in Settings if playing games like Metroid Prime Hunters that used it. Calibrate it properly.
  • Use save states liberally as they let you resume instantly from anywhere instead of saving in-game.
  • Look up cheat codes for your games and load them using the Cheats menu to enhance gameplay.
  • For local WiFi multiplayer, both devices must be on the same WiFi and use the LAN option inside iNDS.

With these tips and tricks, you can get the most authentic and fun DS experience on your mobile!

Troubleshooting Common iNDS Issues

iNDS is generally stable but you may face some issues at times. Here are fixes for some common problems:

ROM crashes or freezes on load:

  • Ensure the ROM is good and not corrupted. Try downloading again if needed.
  • Disable the DSi Mode option for older ND games in Settings.
  • Change the load ROM mode from automatic to manual.

Graphics rendering issues or lag:

  • Lower graphics quality, frameskip, and 3D render settings till performance improves.
  • Overclock the emulator in Settings but avoid extreme values.
  • Check for thermal throttling. Cooling your device may help.

Controls not working correctly:

  • For touch controls, recalibrate or resize them in Settings if unresponsive.
  • Change the control scheme or remap buttons for a better fit.
  • Ensure no other overlays or apps interfere with touch input.

Can’t load save state:

  • Save-state issues often indicate ROM incompatibility. Try other ROM versions.
  • Wipe save states or switch save type (EEPROM/flash) in Settings.

Games not saving:

  • Enable the patch option in Settings to fix certain save issues.
  • Ensure you have written permission for the ROM folder on-device storage.

Mic input doesn’t work:

  • Use the mic button on the overlay instead of the device mic which often glitches.
  • Allow microphone permission for iNDS if prompted.

Multiplayer not working:

  • Both devices must be on the same WiFi network and use LAN inside iNDS.
  • Ensure the game supports download-play multiplayer functionality.

With some tweaking and troubleshooting, you can get almost all games working properly on iNDS for an authentic handheld experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the iNDS emulator:

Is iNDS legal to use?

iNDS itself is perfectly legal. However, you should ensure any ROMs you use are either your legal backups or from trusted sources. Downloading copyrighted ROMs off the internet is illegal.

What devices are supported by iNDS?

iNDS works on most modern Android and iOS devices including all recent iPhones and iPads. Lower-end devices may struggle with performance.

How do I add games to iNDS?

You need to source Nintendo DS ROM files and add them to your device storage. iNDS can then load the ROMs from there to play the games.

Can I connect a controller to iNDS?

Yes, iNDS supports external MFi controllers for iOS and most Bluetooth controllers on Android. You can customize the button mapping in Settings.

Is multiplayer gaming possible on iNDS?

Local wireless multiplayer is supported via WiFi and Bluetooth on iNDS. Just enable LAN mode inside the app while connected to the same network.

Will my device overheat when using iNDS for long?

Emulators can increase device temperature with extended use but just take breaks periodically and use a cooler to avoid any overheating issues.

How do I fix sound issues or glitches in games?

Go to Audio settings and try changing the engine between SDL and NDS. Also, adjust audio latency if sound effects are lagging.

Can I fast-forward or rewind gameplay in iNDS?

Yes, just tap and hold the fast forward or rewind overlay buttons to accelerate or slow down gameplay as needed.


The iNDS emulator provides an easy way to enjoy classic Nintendo DS games on your Android or iOS device. With its accurate emulation, customizable controls, and multiplayer support, you get an authentic handheld experience right on your smartphone or tablet. We hope this complete guide helps you get set up with iNDS and start reliving your favorite DS memories! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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