GTA 5 APK No Verification – No Survey For Android Download 2024


GTA 5 APK: The latest version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available to download and we assure you that there will be no survey and no verification. You will find the GTA 5 APK and OBB files just follow the instructions to download them. 

Yes, It is possible to download gta 5 with no verification on mobile devices and it is free to download. Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most selling games of 2013 even still this game is played a lot. Although there are lots of games like GTA Vice City on the market there is no competition for GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 APK mobile version is quite similar to the PC version of GTA 5.

All the missions are the same all the cities are the same. You should note thing that Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is not officially created by Rockstar. It is modified and compressed so that we can run this game on a mobile phone otherwise we wouldn’t be able to run this game. 

Grand Theft Auto 5, also known as GTA 5, is one of the most popular and successful video games ever created. It was originally released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and later ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

In GTA 5, players control three different protagonists – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor – as they commit heists and other criminal activities in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is modeled after Los Angeles. The open-world design lets players freely roam through Los Santos and the surrounding countryside, providing endless hours of exploration and gameplay.

With its engaging storyline, incredible graphics, and expansive open-world environment, it’s no surprise that GTA 5 has sold over 170 million copies worldwide across all platforms. However, the game was initially only available on game consoles and PCs.

Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years, and many gamers have been eagerly awaiting a mobile version of GTA 5. While there is no official mobile port, modders and developers have worked hard to get the game running on Android devices.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can download and install GTA 5 on your Android device in 2023, without any surveys or verifications.

Is GTA 5 Available on Android?

There is currently no official version of GTA 5 available on the Google Play Store or any other Android app store. The game was built for PCs and consoles, and would likely have to be heavily modified to run properly on Android devices.

Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA 5, has not announced any plans to develop an Android version. However, some dedicated fans have managed to port the game over to Android using unofficial modded APK files.

While modded APKs allow you to play GTA 5 on mobile, it is important to keep in mind that these files are not authorized or supported by Rockstar Games. As a result, there are often issues with stability, performance, and graphics. Proceed with caution when downloading unofficial ports.

GTA 5 APK File Version Infomation

Name Grand Theft Auto V APK 
File Type APK + OBB
Size1.8 GB+
Update May 2021

Game Features 

  • Open a world game so you can roam anywhere in the city.
  • You can ride every vehicle you like. 
  • You can buy houses and properties.
  • Fly planes, and helicopters in the whole city.
  • You can do many types of missions to progress in the game. 
  • you can ride vehicles more and more to increase your driving skills.
  • Earn respect by cooperating with gang members and missions.
  • There is much more that you can only know after playing the game. (e.g Some Explicit content) if you take it as an advantage. 
  • Fantastic graphics and animations.
  • The storyline is great.

So as we have told you already GTA 5 is not been officially launched by the developers and the game you guys are getting is a modded version. It is the modified version of GTA San Andreas that turned into GTA 5 by adding new Maps and new missions.

Anyways it is modded or not it doesn’t matter. We are getting GTA 5 with the Actual maps and mission that is all, we don’t need anything more. Now let’s get into the instructions. 

Download GTA 5 Full Game For Android Without Verification

Download: GTA 5 APK

Download: GTA 5 OBB File

Note: These are highly compressed files and if by chance you face any problem while downloading the files just comment down below and we’ll refresh the links. 

  1. Download the files above and install any file archiver as well so that we can extract the OBB file which would zip.
  2. You and either download the file on your PC and connect the PC with the mobile phone and transfer the files to the mobile or you can directly download the files to your mobile device and extract them.

How to Download GTA 5 Android APK OBB no Verification Problem From Other Sources Mentioned Below

Here are some methods you can use to download GTA 5 on Android without completing any surveys or human verifications in 2023:

Use Direct Download Sites

Several websites host direct download links for GTA 5 APK and OBB files with no verification required. These sites let you instantly start downloading the game files without having to “unlock” the links or fill out surveys.

However, direct download sites come with some risks. The APK files are usually unmodified and may not be optimized for mobile play. There’s also no guarantee the downloads are safe and free of malware.

Try Trusted Modded APK Sites

Your best option is to use well-known modding sites that offer modded and optimized APK files for mobile. These sites may have minor verification steps like captcha box clicks, but won’t force you to complete any surveys or offers.

Some trusted sites for getting modded GTA 5 Android APKs include:


The APK files from these sites are properly modded for mobile performance while keeping all the original GTA 5 content intact.

Use APK Download Mirrors

Some APK download sites provide mirrors or cached copies of modded APK files hosted on other sites. These let you download GTA 5 without verification as you’re getting the files from a mirror source, not the original host site.

APKMirror and APKPure are two sites that offer extensive mirror links to modded APK files, including GTA 5.

Try a VPN

Using a trusted VPN app like NordVPN or ExpressVPN can help you bypass verification and access direct download links for GTA 5 APK files, even on sites that normally require completing an offer.

Turn on the VPN, set your location to the United States or another supported country, clear your browser cookies, and try accessing the download links again.

Installing GTA 5 APK on Android

Once you’ve downloaded the GTA 5 APK and OBB files from one of the sources above, installing the game on your Android device takes just a few simple steps:

1. Enable “Unknown Sources”

First, open your Android settings and enable the “Unknown Sources” permission. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

2. Install the APK

Use your phone’s file manager to find the GTA 5 APK file you downloaded. Tap on the file to begin the installation process.

3. Copy the OBB File

The OBB file contains essential game data and needs to be copied over to the correct location on your device.

Navigate to Android/OBB/com.rockstargames.gtasa and paste the downloaded OBB file here.

4. Launch GTA 5

Once the APK and OBB files are in place, you can launch GTA 5 from your home screen or app drawer. The game will take a few minutes to load up the first time as it configures the settings.

And that’s it! You can now enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on your Android smartphone or tablet. Just keep in mind you may experience occasional lag, crashes, or graphics issues since this is an unofficial port.

Tips for Optimal GTA 5 Performance on Android

Here are some handy tips to help GTA 5 run faster and smoother on your Android device:

  • Close all other apps running in the background before launching GTA 5. This prevents slowdowns from a lack of CPU and RAM resources.
  • Disable battery-saving modes and switch to high-performance mode in your device settings. This gives GTA 5 higher CPU clock speeds for better performance.
  • Lower the graphics settings in the game if you experience choppy frame rates. This includes resolutions, textures, shadows, and anti-aliasing.
  • Restart your phone before playing extended sessions. This clears out RAM and ensures all systems are fresh for optimal game performance.
  • Play offline without an internet connection for fewer stability issues and interruptions. The offline mode disables online features though.
  • Avoid using cheat codes and mods initially. Only use basic cosmetic mods that won’t overload your phone’s resources.
  • Close and re-launch the game if you notice performance drops after playing for too long. The memory will be cleared giving you smooth gameplay again.

Following these tips will help provide the best experience playing GTA 5 on Android. But remember unofficial ports will never be as polished as the PC and console versions. Manage your expectations accordingly!

FAQs About GTA 5 APK Download For Android No Verification

Here are some frequently asked questions about downloading and installing GTA 5 on Android using modded APK files:

Is the mobile version of GTA 5 free to download?

Yes, you can download modded APK files for the unofficial mobile port of GTA 5 for free. However, the original PC/console versions cost money to purchase legally.

Do I need a high-end phone for good performance?

GTA 5 is a graphically demanding game. For smooth framerates, you’ll need a phone with at least 3GB RAM and a recent mid-range or flagship chipset like Snapdragon 855 and above. Budget phones may struggle.

How much storage space does GTA 5 require?

You’ll need up to 6GB of free storage for the APK and OBB files. The game also takes up storage space for saved games, so have at least 10GB free for a comfortable experience.

Can I play online multiplayer with a modded APK?

Unfortunately, online and multiplayer functionality is disabled in unofficial mobile ports. You can only play GTA 5 offline on Android using modded APKs.

Are modded APK files safe to download?

Downloading from trusted sources like Apkmirror and ModdedCentral ensures you get clean APK files free of malware and ads. But downloading from shady sites does carry some risk.

Will my progress carry over from the PC/console version?

No, the mobile ports do not support any cross-platform sync or cross-save features. You have to start GTA 5 from scratch when playing the modded mobile version.

Does the mobile version get updates?

Since this is an unofficial port, the APK does not receive any updates or patches. The version you install is the only one available unless a newer modded APK is released.

Can I play with a Bluetooth or wired controller?

Yes, GTA 5 has built-in controller support for Android. A gamepad is recommended for the best control experience.


GTA 5 is one of the most legendary games ever made, and the ability to play it on your Android device is truly remarkable. While an official mobile version would be ideal, advanced modders have managed to pull off an impressive unofficial port.

Just be sure to follow the tips outlined in this article to download a safe APK file from a trusted source, properly install it along with the OBB data, and optimize your device’s settings for the best performance.

With a high-end phone and some patience in getting the settings configured right, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of gameplay in the sprawling world of GTA 5 all from your pocket. Driving around Los Santos, going on criminal rampages, and experiencing the engaging story have never been more convenient thanks to dedicated mobile modding communities.

Just keep in mind that this is still an unfinished port, so don’t expect the same level of polish as the PC and console editions. But overall this free mobile version of GTA 5 provides an exciting way to revisit this legendary title on Android in 2023.

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