GTA 5 Apk No Survey/ No Verification For Android Download In 2022

GTA 5 Apk No Survey/ No Verification For Android

The latest version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available to download and we are assuring you that there will be no survey and no verification. You will find the GTA 5 APK and OBB files just follow the instructions to download. 

Yes, It is possible to download GTA 5 on mobile devices and it is totally free to download. Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most selling games of 2013 even still this game is played a lot. Although there are lots of games like GTA vice city on market there is no competition for GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 APK mobile version is quite similar to the PC version of GTA 5.

All the missions are the same all the cities are the same. You should note thing that Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is not officially created by Rockstar. It is modified and compressed so that we can run this game on a mobile phone otherwise we wouldn’t be able to run this game. 

Below, we’ll provide you the link to download the Grand Theft Auto 5 APK + OBB with no survey and no verification and also file free of cost. We will explain to you the step-by-step process to download this amazing game. Rockstar the developer of this GTA 5 has this game into life. I still remember people were buying new computers just to play this game at its optimum level. 

Anyways we talk a lot about the game now let’s get into the process.

GTA 5 APK + OBB Download Without Survey and Verification

GTA 5 APK is an underrated game, people think that it doesn’t work but it’s not like that most of the websites on the internet have guilds links that don’t work. That’s why people think that GTA 5 mobile version doesn’t work. With this thing keep in mind many people have modified their PCs to meet the system requirement to play Grand Theft Auto V.

We are very grateful who have modified and compressed the Grand Theft Auto 5 to GTA 5 APK. Because of those developers, we are able to play GTA 5 on mobile phones.

Talking about the game, let me tell you a little bit more about the game. There are three main characters in the game and the story revolves around these three characters only. The first one is Michael Townley the second one is Trevor Philips and the third one is Brad Snider. Michael is a businessman and he is trying to earn some respect. Trevor just knows how to kill anybody. While Brad who is the brother of Trevor is an experienced guy and he knows how to do things. 

So as we told you the mobile version of this game which is Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is not officially launched by Rockstar who is the original developer of the game. It is quite possible that the game doesn’t run on your android device but you can try once. What goes into trying.

GTA 5 APK File Version Infomation

Name Grand Theft Auto V APK 
File Type APK + OBB
Size1.8 GB+
Update May 2021

Game Features 

  • Open world game so you can roam anywhere in the city.
  • You can ride every vehicle you like. 
  • You can buy houses and properties.
  • Fly planes, helicopters in the whole city.
  • You can do many types of missions to progress in the game. 
  • you can ride vehicles more and more to increase your driving skills.
  • Earn respect by cooperating with gang members and missions.
  • There is much more which you can only know after playing the game. (e.g Some Explicit content) if you take it as an advantage. 
  • Fantastic graphics and animations.
  • The storyline is great.

So as we have told you already that GTA 5 is not been officially launched by the developers and the game you guys are getting is a modded version. Actually, it is the modified version of GTA San Andreas that turned it into GTA 5 by adding new Maps and new missions.

Anyways it is modded or not it doesn’t matter. We are getting GTA 5 with the Actual maps and mission that all, we don’t need anything more. Now let’s get into the instructions. 

 Download GTA 5 APK No Survey / No Verification for Android

Download: GTA 5 APK

Download: GTA 5 OBB File

Note: These are highly compressed files and if by chance you face any problem while downloading the files just comment down below and we’ll refresh the links. 

  1. Download the files above and install any file archiver as well so that we can extract the OBB file which would zip.
  2. You and either download the file on your PC and connect the PC with the mobile phone and transfer the files to the mobile or you can directly download the files into your mobile device and extract it.

How to Install GTA 5 Mobile APK+OBB on your Phone

Here are the easy steps, follow them properly and install the game on your mobile phone. 

  1. First of all download the above GTA 5 APK file. Install it on your phone. (Make sure to enable Unknown Sources in Settings>>Security).
  2. Now download GTA 5 OBB file on your phone or if you have already downloaded it. After it is installed completely, extract the data using any archiver. You will get a file com.rockstartgames.gtasa. Move this file to Android>>obb folder. (Create a folder name OBB if there isn’t any)
  3. Now download GTA 5 Data file. Extract it using an archiver. You will get a file com.rockstargames.gtasa. Move it to Android>>data folder.
  4. Now launch the Game.
  5. Now will be able to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on Android.

Wrapping Up

That’s all, This was the whole process of GTA 5 APK installation with no verification. If in the future you get any problem while downloading the file and any kind of problem just comment down below and we’ll resolve it. 

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