You Should Play These Games If You Like Minecraft In 2022

Play These Games If You Like Minecraft

Minecraft, the blocky sandbox phenomenon, sprang out of nowhere, soaring into phenom status.

This open-ended, adaptable experience paved the way for a new age of open-world software, as well as the growth of independent gaming in general.

The wide vistas, lucrative construction mechanisms, and intense survival gameplay have enthralled gamers since then.

While hundreds of hours may conceivably be spent in this huge digital playground of blocks, others will eventually be looking for comparable material.

Today, we will talk about some games like Minecraft that deserve your attention. You can download these games from the pirate bay and start playing:

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1: Terraria

Terraria is one of the closest games like Minecraft that you can experience in a 2D space. The retro vibe and visuals make this game relatable to Minecraft, which is a plus.

You have to complete different tasks, plunder lands, and defeat enemies.

Only then can you move forward in this game. You can even mine to the deepest levels and slay some underground bosses to claim their treasures.

The entire game setting is wondrous and epic, something that accelerates ‘Metroidvania’ to the next level.

2: Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games, like Mojang fashion, helped to pioneer a new genre of game with its free-to-play approach and battle royale premise in a sandbox setting.

The game stresses rapid construction, evasion, and blasting opponents with a variety of weapons.

Despite these differences, many Minecraft fans will certainly be satisfied by the open-ended crafting mechanics combined with some intense fighting.

The continual fight to stay alive is a major subject in Notch’s project, and it’s one that Fortnite also explores in its unique manner.

3: Lego Worlds

Given Mincraft’s Lego-like mechanics of assembling blocks to construct structures, it seems natural to put a Lego-themed title on our list.

But the parallels go beyond the graphics and manipulation of the environment.

Whether you’re a lover of these bright toys or not, the broad breadth and flexibility of the gameplay make it simple to appreciate since you may participate in a variety of activities.

Although the game focuses on the construction aspect of Minecraft, you may also enjoy rewarding destruction, management, and thrilling dungeon exploration.

4: Eco

Minecraft’s massive popularity over the last decade has resulted in a wave of imitators, or at the very least, efforts that closely resemble it.

We’re not going to spotlight most of these more direct 3D clones to prevent redundancy.

Within the vast digital wilderness, this complex social game has a collaborative concept and a variety of activities to participate in.

Eco is like a more laid-back form of Minecraft mixed with The Sims in that you’ll be interacting with other people, maintaining your character, and going about your daily routine.

5: Trove

Trove has all of the cubic characters and construction elements you’ve come to expect, but it also includes some structure from free MMOs to help you diversify and steer your gameplay.

Players can choose from a variety of classes, such as a Neon Ninja or a Dino Tamer, and three distinct crafting specialties.

All of these versions have their peculiarities, strengths, and flaws, making team development more successful.

You may also construct your way through many stages, which vary in challenge and reward.

6: Roblox

Roblox has a powerful storefront like Steam, which should be enough to make it rank on this list, but its similarities to Minecraft also make a pretty good case on its behalf.

Players can imagine, socialize, chat, interact, and create new worlds. You can create your world with your friends and create more visual exploration opportunities.

This game has been around since 2006, and it is free to play, which is another compelling reason for you to try playing this.

We agree that the graphics are pretty basic, and there are glitches and bugs galore. But, many popular games also have these problems, so Roblox is a better version in that context.

7: Starbound

Starbound, like Minecraft, immerses you in a randomly created world of limitless possibilities, allowing you to battle, craft, construct, and explore it alone or with pals online.

Rather than gallivanting about a three-dimensional Minecraft world, Starbound is set in a 2D cosmos akin to Terraria, with the option to travel between planets on the fly.

Starbound’s immensely diversified gameplay will appeal to Minecraft players of all sorts.

Whether you’re building a nice log house, exploring the galaxy, plundering new lands, or gunning down bad guys—this game is good at everything.

The Bottom Line

The best part about Minecraft is it lets people play on user-generated content, which makes different players connect.

This is why we have sorted out some other games that share the same amount of creativity.

For further questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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