10 Best Minecraft Seeds In 2022

Best Minecraft Seeds

If you want to get more out of your money with Minecraft you can do so if you enter the “World seed”  box While you are in the Minecraft game menu and if you enter a series of digits, You will be spawned into a whole new world.

So whenever we create a new world inside Mindcraft it is generated completely randomly and there is a specific number for each world to identify them we call these seeds.

There are lots of seeds and if you are looking for something cold, something hot, something small, or something topical, you’ll find a seed out there for it but out could lose days or even weeks to trying them out one by one. 

That’s why we have created a guide for some of the best seeds out there with the code needed to make your way there so you don’t have to hassle of trying them all.

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List of Best 10 Minecraft Seeds

As we told you that there is a huge number of seeds in the Minecraft game, it is innumerable quantities, so we have made this seed list so that you can choose the thing you want, so read the list carefully and choose the seed you want.

Smallest Island Ever

Seed:- 3115927715480771327

Island’s name is Smallest Island Ever, You must have guessed from the name what this island would be like, but sometimes size does not matter, this island is made of only blocks but it has a Snowy Tundra that you can head off and explore.


Seed:- 124014738

It is one of the smaller ones but a good place to start with. If you are just starting and want to learn the basics so this seed is for you. The small cluster of islands is a great palace for a starting up.  

It is not that challenging but if you are new to this, it might be a good fit for you. 

Savanna and Village

Seed:- 12542

It is one of the nice seeds, it is a great one if you want to explore and find out all the ways – But be careful because the game will have tons of inventive ways to kill you.

Don’t worry you will not feel the lack of space at all. You will start next to a village and see that there is a huge Savanna Biome in front of you which you can explore.

Underwater Temple

Seed:- 1013382714437321718

As it is written in the name itself, in this seed you find a temple situated in the depth of the sea. You can explore the underwater Temple in this seed it will be a whole new experience but be careful of the enemies because underwater it will be quite challenging to fight them. 

Bamboo And Lava

Seed:- 1013382714437321718

If you like the fusion of bamboo and lava then this seed is for you it is similar to the Bamboo Jungle seed that you can find. The main difference is that the bamboo and lava seeds have their lake which is full of lava and if you don’t act fast it will end up consuming the whole map.

Bamboo Jungle Temple

Seed: 9176963463659858407

When you enter this seed you have to go towards the South and as soon as you start walking towards the South you will find yourself in a massive jungle forest and as soon as you cross the forest you will in the Bamboo Forest.

Once you reach the Bamboo forest you’ll see a temple, you have to keep your eye on that temple and you will be rewarded. So it is worth playing.

Coastal Village

Seed: 3227028068011494221

Who doesn’t like a tropical location with a deep blue sea and sandy beach, even if it’s all in the Minecraft game?

In the coastal village seed, You’ll get access to all sorts of adventurous things like food, tree, view, and many more.  There are many ways to experience and remember the adventure over here. 

Endless Beach

Seed:- 1389577003656398696

This is another beach seed and it has the word “Endless” in its name and this sounds like a paradise. 

The word “Endless” is not just in the game, the advantages of this seed are also Endless. You will see some trees in the beginning but as you go forward in the game you will also find a pool of lava that can be covered if you think it ruins your experience and vibe. Many other reading items can be found if you are keen to find them. 

Frozen Wasteland

Seed:- 7255571058704538969

You must be fed up with knowing about the beach seeds only, let’s know about a frozen island seed. It is opposite to the tropical island seed. 

This is a more challenging seed than the previous ones but you will find a way to mine comfortably there is a village also which is not too far and that is worth exploring.  

Ice Spikes

Seed:- 4186746847636013829

This is another Icy island seed. The catch is that it is not just cold, it has spikes that are cold and dangerous too.

This is a gorgeous place to build, it has a massive amount of forest and grassland which is bordered by a frozen icy lake and icy spikes. It is totally up to you where to build, Ice-covered part of the map and the forest part both are open build so that you can build according to you.  

Wrapping Up

With this Ice Spikes seed, our list ends here but you don’t have to worry will update this list from time to time so that you guys can know about more interesting seeds. If you have any suggestions please let us know by commenting down below. 

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