How To Play iOS Games On Windows- Best In 2022

Play iOS Games On Windows

Today, iOS is one of the most admired smartphones operating systems in the world. While you may prefer the convenience of your smartphone, you may wish to use the same programs on your PC from time to time. At this point, you’re wondering if you can play iOS games and utilize iOS applications on Windows 10.

The answer to that query is that it is feasible to play iOS games on Windows 10 desktops. All you need is an emulator, in this example an iOS emulator, and the iOS app or game should be able to run on Windows 10. This discovery raises the question of what an emulator is.

What Exactly is an iOS Emulator?

An emulator is a piece of hardware or software whose primary function is to make your device behave like a chosen device so that any app or program used on the latter deems it a suitable platform to run on. It is worth noting that an iOS simulator is a piece of software.

When you install an iOS emulator on your Windows 10 PC, this occurs. The PC will instantly become a suitable environment for launching and using iOS apps. I know you’re intrigued about how this works, so let’s speak about various iOS emulators you could find handy in running those apps.

Before proceeding, it is critical to understand why you require an emulator.

The purpose of this is not only to be able to use the program on your Windows PC, but also to ensure that you scale it, run it, and test it so that it works as effectively and efficiently as it does on the actual device.

How to Play iOS Games and Use iOS Apps on PC

  • This is a simple procedure. First and foremost, download and install any of the finest iOS emulators listed below on your PC.
  • Second, download an iOS app that you want to use on Windows 10 and launch it using the installed emulator.
  • Finally, you can utilize the iOS emulator on your PC to run any app or play your favorite iOS games as you see appropriate.

You may test it on your PC now that you know how to utilize iOS apps on Windows 10. The list of emulators is extensive. Choose the one that best suits your description and keep it. I suggest the free iPadian emulator.

Using iOS Emulators to Play iOS Games on Windows

There are a plethora of iOS emulators available for your Windows 10 PC. All you have to do is pick one that works well with your PC and get started.

1. iPadian


The iPadian user interface is identical to that of iOS. It is a decent choice for an emulator on Windows 10. Most iOS apps may be opened using the emulator. However, you can only launch apps that have been expressly developed to run on iPadian.

  • The amazing thing about this emulator is that it is really simple to use.
  • iPadian utilizes the fewest resources because all it requires is an Adobe Air to function properly.
  • Furthermore, it will only cost you $25. You should be able to run the majority of your iOS applications and games with it.
  • The disadvantage is that you may not be able to access the App Store for additional app installations.
  • Online, you can get an iPadian emulator for a variety of systems.
  • iPadian is available for and works with Linux, Windows, and Mac computers.

2. Smartface


Aside from just wishing to utilize an emulator to launch your iOS apps, you may need to test an app you’ve written for the iPhone. Smartface is primarily intended for developers.

  • You may use the emulator to create, test, and publish an iOS app to the App Store. The advantage of adopting Smartface is that it may assist with the introduction of apps that function across many platforms.
  • The emulator also functions as a debugger for Android and iOS. Smartface emulators are available for $99.
  • Smartface is compatible with Windows 2000/Server 2008/XP/Vista/72003, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

3. iPhone Simulator

This is the ideal emulator for running iOS games and apps on your Windows 10 PC.

  • The iPhone Simulator’s user interface is very identical to that of an original iOS; nevertheless, the user experience is distinct.
  • This emulator, however, does not provide you access to the App Store to download other apps.
  • Softonic, among other places, offers a free download of the iPhone Simulator. iPhone Simulator works on both Mac and Windows computers.

4. AIR iPhone Emulator

  • If you have used an iPhone 6 and like it, you will appreciate the user experience on the AIR iPhone emulator. It must be used in conjunction with an Adobe Air framework to function properly.
  • If you are an app developer, this may be a convenient platform to test your layout before putting the application together.
  • Furthermore, the AIR iPhone emulator for Windows is simple to set up. The AIR iPhone emulator is available for free on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.


Also Read: Best Gacha Games For Android And iOS In 2022 is yet another expert iOS, app emulator. If you are an app developer, all you need to do is upload the iOS zip file or Android APK and test for previously built functionality before finishing the coding.

An intriguing aspect of this emulator is that it mimics the appearance of an iPhone 7, providing you a realistic testing experience of how the app would run on an actual iPhone directly on your Windows 10 PC.

An emulator download includes a free 7-day trial that may be upgraded to a premium package. The cost of the app will vary greatly depending on where you acquire it. works with Windows 7 through 10, Mac, Linux, and the Chrome browser.

The list continues, but the ones mentioned above should get you started. The next step is presumably understanding how to utilize an iOS app on a Windows 10 iOS emulator.

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