Merits Of Using Selenium Grid In 2022

Selenium Grid

The Selenium automation system has made software testing much more convenient. It is an open-source framework used for testing a website, and a significant advantage of using this framework is that one need not buy its license. The browser is automated using Selenium, which is how the web browser acts as a user when scripts are written.

Selenium Grid is one of its many components, and this article will go over its advantages. When using the Selinium grid online from LambdaTest for testing purposes, you get to enjoy several benefits because of unique features, such as reusability of codes, excellent framework support, an open and free source, geolocation testing option, etc., which is why they are being used increasingly nowadays.

How Important Is It?

There are two parts to it – client and server. “Hub” is the client’s name, and “Node” is the name of the server. When they all work together, they make a Selenium Grid. A person can automate the tests for any combination of OS, browsers, and versions by setting up an online Grid.

This Grid’s main advantage is that it speeds up testing. By making an environment where tests can run simultaneously on many browsers and operating systems, you can solve cross-browser problems in a fraction of the time it would take to do them one by one.

Continuous integration movements need testing to be done quickly. Due to updated browsers, the process of testing is conducted faster than usual because many tests are done simultaneously instead of one after the other. Consequently, the time consumed is shortened. But running tests one after the other can be frustratingly slow. You could test much faster if you use a grid for parallel processing. Conversely, this will help your team do continuous testing so the release date can be kept and clients don’t have to deal with as many problems.

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Advantages Of Using Selenium

Below mentioned are the benefits of using this tool.

Supported By Multiple Browsers

The benefit of using this framework for software testing is that it supports multiple browsers, and the analyst can examine the software using a combination of different browsers. Since it supports multiple browsers, testing on various platforms becomes easy. A customer must use multiple browsers and their varied versions to check the efficiency better.

Amazing Framework Support

Multiple frameworks support the grid, making the tool so popular among developers and testers. All of these frameworks have convenience, which is why testing using the browser compatibility becomes easy. Using the proper framework is what you should know to make sure that its total capacity is utilized.

Free And Open Source

One of the main advantages of using this tool is that it is an open-source framework with a fantastic community of talented developers who readily help each other. This community tool ensures that the different versions are tested and created to ensure that it is reliable and can be trusted while checked. This is how this tool has witnessed several updates and changes since the very first version of the framework was released.

This tool is also free for everyone, which is another tremendous advantage of ensuring that anything developed is ready to launch.

Support Of Multiple Operating Systems

This tool’s cross-platform compatibility means a minor adjustment to the script used for testing automation when switching operating systems. It can be challenging to adapt the script when porting a web program to a new operating system, even though this is done as part of the pre-release testing phase. This saves testers time and energy, allowing them to check out software on multiple platforms.

Powerful Reporting

A process takes some time, whether manual or automated, no matter which method you choose. Additionally, when writing test class software, it is critical to observe the process’ progress. With all such aspects, manual reporting is a big hassle, along with the procedure.

While using this tool, a benefit is that it gets integrated with other frameworks that provide apt reports to the users. That said, with this tool, you will not have to go through the hassle of reporting because it gets done with apps, and the tester can easily track the progress of the process.

You may use several third-party frameworks in conjunction with Selenium to generate trustworthy reports for monitoring the progress of the process.

Shift-left test involves having testers collaborate directly with programmers. Finding potential software issues is more accessible with sound reporting systems when developers can access detailed results.

Keeping track of data and outcomes is simplified and takes less time with the help of automation reports. By integrating with external frameworks, this tool can provide comprehensive test reports that detail the input data and outcomes and the entire procedure.

Reusable Code

When performing “cross-browser testing” or testing various browsers and OS versions, duplicate code often presents a significant challenge. The test code could get unnecessarily large if it isn’t regularly updated.

Regardless of the test framework they choose, developers should try to avoid writing the same thing twice. This facilitates the portability and maintenance of the code. Through the use of the Page Object Model (POM), code refactoring, and other tools and techniques provided by the Selenium Grid Online framework, it is possible to reduce the amount of duplicate code and increase the number of tests that reuse existing code.

Automation testing using LambdaTest Platform with Selenium Grid Online

Setting up a Selenium script and its infrastructure can be quite challenging especially if you have to handle it on a larger scale.

Companies like LambdaTest, provide an online cloud platform that you can use to trigger your selenium test scripts from anywhere in the world simply by logging into the platform.

If you were to set up an in-house system for testing, it would increase your costs of infrastructure, and you would need highly-trained people to manage the same.

An online test platform like LambdaTest would be more affordable and you will get access to the best devices and services the industry has to offer.

Moreover, you get to enjoy testing without simulators and emulators which makes it easier for you to test the bugs on your website, web applications, and mobile apps.


The tool is a boon for both developers and testers. Besides the merits mentioned above, the Selenium procedure offers several other benefits, such as language support and execution of the test code on multiple threads, making it easy for testers to use. Furthermore, the results presented are appropriate to a great extent.

Failing to test a web application rigorously before launch may hurt the development. This is because you will not know the performance and functionality of the application created. Using a Selenium Grid eases the process of testing by automating it. It is the best and extremely helpful among the other test frameworks. In addition, it is also cheaper, especially if you select an online version.

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