Download Files Without Login With Course Hero Downloader In 2023

Download Files Without Login With Course Hero Downloader

Are you looking for a tutorial to download files without login in with Course Hero downloader? If yes then your search ends here. Because we have discussed it all!

After the recent Covid 19 situation, all the educational institutes around the world had started the online study. Which was never a thing before. From online classes to online notes, we all have shifted our ways digitally. But when you are studying by yourself, you always come up with questions that you need answers to and since you are studying alone at home, there is only one yo get those answers, The Internet.

Many amazing educational websites provide different services like books, notes, and other study material. In this blog, we have discussed a similar website called Course hero.

Course Hero is an amazing website to download study material. Whether it is books, files, or any kind of study material you can get it all on course hero. But there is a problem with that. You can not get these things for free. It is a paid website and it requires a subscription to log in.

But don’t worry about that! Because in this blog we have discussed the best way to get Course Hero without login.
Let’s start!

Download Files Without Login With Course Hero Downloader

The top way to download files without login in to Course Hero is to use the Course Hero Downloader. It is a free service that helps you to download anything you want. To continue with the process, follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, you need to have the URL of the file that you want to download. So get the URL from Course Hero.
  • Then, visit the Course Hero Downloader website and go to the downloader page of the website.
  • You will see a box, paste the copied URL in that box. Make sure that the link that you have pasted is the right link otherwise you can not download the file.
  • Now click on the Get Link button. Now you can download the file easily. For more files, you can repeat the steps.

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Other Way to Get Course Hero Files For Free

  • Other than the Course Hero Download that we have mentioned, you can use a chrome extension to download Course Hero files online. You can follow these steps to know the procedure:Firstly, go to this CHDL extension link and download it. It is available on GitHub. Once you have downloaded the file, extract it.
  • Now you have to connect it to the Chrome browser, but for that, you need additional permissions. So to get those permissions, you have to open the Chrome developers option.
  • Launch Chrome browser and click on the three-dot menu located in the top right corner.
  • Now, from the given options select the More Tools option.
  • There you will see Extensions, select the extension, and then activate the Developers option. Now you will see new options.
  • From the given options, select the Load Unpacked option.
  • Go to the extracted file and open it. You will see the main folder. Select it.
  • Now you will receive a notification that CHDL is installed on your browser.
  • Once it is done, open the file that you want to download on Course Hero.
  • Right-click on the file and select CHDL and then click on download file. Your file will start downloading.

The process of installing the CHDL extension on the Chrome browser might be a little time taking but once you have it, you can download any file that you like. It is more convenient than any other way as you don’t have to go anywhere. You can download files with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about Course Hero.

Can You Download Files on Course Hero?

Yes, you can download any file that you have unlocked on Course Hero. Go to the file that you want to download and open its contents. Now you will see a download button, click on it to download the file.

How do you Unlock the Course Hero?

You can unlock Course Hero in two ways. Either you pay for it monthly or yearly or you upload study material to get unlocks. You can get a month of free Course Hero if you upload around 40 documents.

What types of documents are not acceptable to share on Course Hero Select all that apply.

The documents that are not useful are not allowed on Course Hero. If you are uploading something that is not educational or contains screenshots then you can not upload it because it is not considered an educational document.

Is Course Hero traceable?

If you copy from Course Hero and submit your assignment to your college and they check through some plagiarism tool then you are most likely to get caught. Because the tool will trace the material that you have copied word to word from course hero.

Is Course Hero free for students?

There is only one way for students to get Course Hero for free. You have to upload educational documents to help other students. If you load 40 documents and they are accepted you will get a free month of Course Hero.


Course Hero is an excellent platform for students to get their study material. Whether you are preparing for a test or writing an assignment you can get help from the course hero.

Some people can not afford course hero so we have shared the best way to download files without login in with course hero downloader. You can check them out above.

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