Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM Download Latest Version 2024

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is one of the most popular and creative Pokemon ROM hacks available today. This unique game allows players to fuse any two Pokemon to create a new hybrid Pokemon with combined stats, moves, abilities, and even appearances. Infinite possibilities await in this Pokemon mashup adventure! With the latest 2023 version, there are even more fusions and features to explore.

What is Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed created by Nivixcent. It allows players to combine any two Pokemon they have captured into a fused Pokemon hybrid with characteristics of both Pokemon. The fused Pokemon will have the combined stats, moves, and abilities, and even the sprite will be a fusion of both original Pokemon.

This creates limitless opportunities to strategize and create your ideal Pokemon team. With over 800 Pokemon available from generations 1-7, the fusion combinations are nearly endless! You can fuse favorites like Pikachu and Charizard or create silly hybrids like Magikarp and Ditto. The creative possibilities make Pokemon Infinite Fusion an incredibly fun and unique Pokemon experience.

Features of Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Here are some of the main features that make Pokemon Infinite Fusion stand out:

  • Fuse any 2 Pokemon: Choose from over 800 Pokemon from Generations 1-7 to fuse in unlimited combinations.
  • Hybrid stats, moves, abilities: Fused Pokemon inherit combined stats, learn sets, abilities, and more from both original Pokemon.
  • Custom Sprite fusions: Sprites blend visual features of both original Pokemon into creative new fusions.
  • Mega Fusion: Fuse a Pokemon with its Mega Evolution for even more power.
  • TM compatibility: Fused Pokemon can learn any TMs/HMs or original Pokemon could learn.
  • Difficulty settings: Choose adjustable difficulty modes to challenge yourself.
  • Updated through Gen 7:Includes Pokemon, moves, types, and more through Generation 7.
  • Physical/Special split: Uses modern damage mechanics rather than the Gen 3 original.

With so much customization and flexibility, you really can create almost any Pokemon fusion team you can imagine!

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How to Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM

Unfortunately, as a fan game, Pokemon Infinite Fusion cannot be downloaded legally from official sources like the Nintendo eShop. However, the downloaded files can easily be found for free from ROM-sharing sites.

Here are the steps to download Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM:

  1. Go to a trusted ROM site like [Link to legal download site].
  2. Search for “Pokemon Infinite Fusion” and select the latest version (2023 v2.2)
  3. Click the download button and save the .gba ROM file to your computer.
  4. Download the latest official emulator for Game Boy Advance games, like VisualBoyAdvance.
  5. Open the emulator program and select the option to load your Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM file.
  6. You may need to configure some graphics and audio settings in the emulator.
  7. Once loaded, enjoy playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion on your computer!

Be sure you only use reputable ROM sites to avoid malware risks. And remember to own a legal copy of the original Pokemon FireRed game to play Pokemon ROM hacks.

How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Once you have the ROM downloaded and loaded up in a GBA emulator, playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion is easy and intuitive. Here are the basics to get you started fusing Pokemon:

  • Progress through the game similarly to the original Pokemon FireRed. Defeat Gym Leaders, catch Pokemon, and level up your team.
  • Access the Pokemon Fusion menu from the Pause screen at any time.
  • Select any 2 Pokemon in your party to fuse. Choose which one visually appears on top.
  • The new fusion Pokemon will inherit the combined stats, moves, types, and abilities of both original Pokemon.
  • Level up your fusion Pokemon normally by battling with them. They obey all normal Pokemon mechanics.
  • Change fusions anytime by selecting new Pokemon in the Fusion menu.
  • Strategize the best dual-type combinations, stats, move-sets, and abilities to create your ideal fusion team!

Part of the appeal is experimenting with different fusion combinations. Don’t be afraid to try fusing unconventional Pokemon and see what interesting new hybrid you get!

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Starters Guide

When starting a new game in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you can choose one of 3 special fusion starters:

  • Infernite:Charmander + Magby fusion
  • Branchitortle:Bulbasaur + Squirtle fusion
  • Pidgeottoise:Pidgey + Wartortle fusion

These starters are specially designed to give you a taste of the fusion fun that awaits. While you can always catch and fuse other Pokemon, your starter will likely remain a key part of your team.

Here’s an overview of each Infinite Fusion starter:

  • Infinite has the hard-hitting fire powers of Charmander combined with Magby’s additional Fire typing and Smokescreen move. This makes it a formidable fire fusion right from the start.
  • Branchitortle has the grass move pool of Bulbasaur fused with the water powers of Squirtle. It learns strong moves like Mega Drain early on.
  • Pidgeottoisetakes the flying mobility of Pidgey and fuses it with Wartortle’s sturdy defense. It can learn powerful flying and water attacks.

Ultimately there is no single “best” starter, as the fun is tailoring your fused Pokemon to your battle style. But these starters give you a strong base to start exploring the fusion fun of this inventive Pokemon ROM hack!

Top 10 Strongest Fusions

With nearly endless Pokemon fusion combinations, what are some of the outright strongest you can create in Infinite Fusion? Here are 10 mighty fused Pokemon sure to dominate your opponent:

  • Kyodon (Kyogre + Groudon) –Legendary water and ground powerhouses fused into one unstoppable beast. Gets Primal weather boosts.
  • Zacian + Zamazenta –Fusing the Gen 8 legendaries grants might and a regal sword and shield. Double-edge for days.
  • Ultra Necrozma + Mega Rayquaza– Soaring sky god combines Z-moves and Megas into cosmic force. Hide your dragons.
  • Fusion Mewtwo X– Psychic cat teams with the power of Mega Mewtwo X for a supreme special attack.
  • Eternamax Eternatus– Already maxed out stats made even more cosmic and deadly. Bring heavy shields.
  • Marshadow Machamp– Fighting spirit fused with ghostly tricks. Good luck hitting this specter pugilist.
  • Blissey + Chansey– Maximum HP and healing abilities create an unkillable wall. Outlasts any foe. Just don’t run out of PP.
  • Slaking + Regigigas– Two lazy legends create one monstrous strong fusion. Can you survive the rampage?
  • Snorlax + Slaking– Another lazy legend fusion, but with more emphasis on bulk than power. Immovable object and irresistible force.
  • Dragonite + Salamence– Classic dragon legends make an obvious power pair. Great stats across the board.

Mix and match your favorites and see what wildly powerful combinations you can create! With some clever fusing, you can build a fusion team mighty enough to conquer any opponent or challenge in the Pokemon world. The only limit is your imagination!

Infinite Fusion ROM Download FAQs

For additional details on finding and playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion, here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is Pokemon Infinite Fusion a legal/official Pokemon game?

A: No, Infinite Fusion is a fan-created ROM hack not officially authorized or endorsed by Nintendo or Game Freak. It can still be downloaded and played legally with a copy of the original Pokemon FireRed game.

Q: Where can I safely download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM?

A: We cannot link directly to ROM files, but the hack can be downloaded from trusted ROM distribution sites like [insert legal site name]. Be wary of shady sites and only download from reputable sources to avoid malware.

Q: What emulator do I need to play the Infinite Fusion ROM?

A: You will need a Game Boy Advance emulator like VisualBoyAdvance-M, mGBA, or RetroArch. Make sure to download the official versions of the emulators for safety.

Q: How do I access the Pokemon fusion feature in the game?

A: Once in-game, you can access the fusion menu via the pause screen. Simply pick two Pokemon and fuse! Fusions can be undone and changed at any time.

Q: Can I combine more than two Pokemon into a fusion?

A: Unfortunately no, the game only allows fusing two Pokemon at a time in one fusion. So you cannot combine 3 separate Pokemon into one hybrid.

Q: How do I get more fusions to appear in my Pokedex?

A: Create new fusions and the game will automatically add their entries to your Pokedex when viewed. The more unique fusions you make, the more entries get added.

Q: Does this ROM work on mobile GBA emulators?

A: Yes, Pokemon Infinite Fusion will run on mobile GBA emulators like MyBoy or John GBA for Android and iOS. Just download the ROM to your device and load it. Enjoy fusing on the go!


Pokemon Infinite Fusion breathes incredible new life into the classic Pokemon formula by letting you fuse unique hybrid Pokemon. With limitless combinations, adjustable difficulty, modern mechanics, and visual flair, it provides hours of monster-mashing fun for any Pokemon fan. Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion today and start exploring the endless strategic and creative potential these fusion blobs offer! What awesome or silly new Pokemon will you fuse on your adventure?

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