PPSSPP Cheats.db File Download Free 2024

PPSSPP cheats.db download: You must be wondering how to add the Cheat db file to your PPSSPP emulator; luckily, it is a simple process, and we’ll show you how to do it right away.

The PPSSPP emulator has become one of the most popular PlayStation Portable emulators for Android devices. With its ability to enhance PSP games’ graphics and gameplay, along with its wide compatibility, PPSSPP allows Android users to enjoy many great PSP titles. While playing PSP games on an Android device is great, sometimes a little help is needed to get through tricky sections or unlock bonuses faster. This is where cheat files become useful.

What is Cheat DB for PPSSPP?

Cheat DB is a cheat database app made specifically for use with the PPSSPP emulator. It contains hundreds of cheat codes and files for many popular PSP games. The Cheat DB app itself does not contain the actual cheat files. Instead, it provides listings and links to download cheat packs online.

Once downloaded, these PPSSPP cheats can be loaded into the emulator. When enabled, they can provide game enhancements, unlockables, infinite health, all levels/missions unlocked, and more. Cheat DB allows PPSSPP users on Android to easily find working cheat files to load into the emulator.

Benefits of Using PPSSPP Cheat.db

There are several benefits to using the Cheat DB app for PPSSPP cheats:

  • Huge database of cheats for many PSP games
  • Easily browse and search for specific game cheat packs
  • Links provided for fast downloads
  • Cheats are tested and confirmed working
  • Can unlock bonuses, achievements, infinite health/lives/ammo etc.
  • Makes difficult games easier and more fun
  • Updated often with new cheat files
  • Completely free app and cheats

With so many great PSP games now playable on Android, Cheat DB is a valuable tool for PPSSPP users. It takes the hassle out of searching for working cheats online.

How to PPSSPP Cheat.db download for Android

Downloading and using Cheat DB with the PPSSPP emulator is straightforward:

Step 1: Install the PPSSPP Emulator

First, you need to install the PPSSPP app for Android on your device. This PSP emulator can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Make sure to get the latest version for the best compatibility.

Step 2: Install the Cheat DB App

Next, download and install the Cheat DB app, also available for free from Google Play. This will be your portal for searching and downloading PPSSPP cheat packs as needed.

Step 3: Load PSP Game in PPSSPP

Open your PPSSPP app and load the PSP game you want to use cheats with. Be sure the game ROM is compatible with the emulator and loads properly.

Step 4: Search Cheats in Cheat DB

Open the Cheat DB app and search or browse for cheats for your loaded PSP game. Tap the cheat file you want to download.

Step 5: Enable Cheats in PPSSPP

Cheat files will download as .zip or .rar archives. Open them and extract the .ini or .txt cheat files. Load these cheat files into PPSSPP via the emulator’s Cheats menu. Check the cheats you want enabled.

Step 6: Play a Game with Cheats!

With your cheats loaded and enabled, launch your PSP game again in PPSSPP. The cheat effects should now be active, letting you get bonuses, infinite health, all levels unlocked, etc.

Top Game Cheat Packs

Here are some of the most popular PPSSPP games with cheat pack downloads available via Cheat DB:

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

This classic GTA game gains cheats like invincibility, infinite ammo, all weapons unlocked, max money, max vehicle upgrades, and more. Bring the vice to life with cheat-boosted gameplay!

God of War – Ghost of Sparta

The mighty Kratos slays gods and monsters alike. Use cheats for infinite magic, health, experience multipliers, one-hit kills, and all weapons/costumes/abilities unlocked from the start.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Control the legendary Big Boss and his army with cheats like infinite health, stamina, and special items. Also unlock all missions, cutscenes, and radio conversations right off the bat.

Tekken 6

Beat down opponents in this fighter with cheats for infinite health, super powerups, all characters unlocked, max gold, and instant win-round cheats to dominate the Iron Fist Tournament.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Wreck havoc across Liberty City with insane cheats like exploding punches, flying cars, infinite ammo, invincibility, and max money and stats for vehicles and weapons.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Fatality your opponents without breaking a sweat using cheats like infinite health, magic, and X-ray moves. Unlock all krypt rewards, costumes, and fatalities for every fighter in the game.

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai

Go over 9000 with cheats for unlimited Ki and healing, unlimited super gauge, one hit KO, unlock all characters and capsules, and max stats for your favorite Saiyans and heroes.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Take down epic beasts with ease using cheats like infinite health, stamina, and money. Get one-hit hunts, weak monsters, all items, max materials, and more to upgrade all your gear.

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

This action-packed RPG prequel gains a boost from cheats like max stats, unlimited limit breaks, instant max level, one-hit kills, and much more material than you can handle. Master magic as Zack.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Help Terra, Ventus, and Aqua fend off the darkness with cheats for infinite HP/MP, max commands, unlimited super gauge, all Keyblades, and instant command/level upgrades. Light will prevail!

Features Of cheat.db download:

  • Edit and add codes in the CWcheat database with ease.
  • CWcheat supports CWcheat POPs codes (in the “configure” menu, choose POPs mode).
  • Any existing codes are simple to make and use.
  • creator of compressed code.
  • Codes can be “quick pasted” into an existing database.
  • simple to use interface and a minimal footprint.
  • It supports PSP and POP codes in full.

Requirements for using Cheat db zip download:

For Android versions 4.0 and higher, use the PPSSPP emulator or PPSSPP Gold Cheat emulator. and RAM should be 1 GB.

PPSSPP Cheats db Download

Using Cheat DB to find and ppsspp cheats.db file download packs take just a few quick steps:

  1. Open the Cheat DB app and use the search bar to find the PSP game you want cheats for. You can also browse by genre or alphabetically.
  2. Tap your game listing to open the cheat pack download page. This will display details on the number of cheats and the download links.
  3. For Android devices, download the .zip or .rar archive files from a linked site like Mediafire. Open and extract these on your device.
  4. The extracted .ini or .txt files are the cheats ready to be loaded into your PPSSPP emulator app.
  5. In PPSSPP, go to Cheats and load each extracted cheat file. Enable or disable specific cheats as desired.
  6. Start your game in PPSSPP and enjoy the cheat effects enhancing your gameplay!

Be sure to enable cheats one at a time in PPSSPP to test what each one does for your game. Some may conflict with others when used together. Refer to the cheat filenames or contents for details on enabled effects.

Database of PPSSPP Cwcheats Database Cwcheat Free download links for the PPSSPP emulator has been made available. These files are hosted on the servers of Google Drive and Mediafire. and can be downloaded safely.

“Cwcheat” is the name of the cheat tool used on the PSP and PPSSPP. It is the first authorized cheat engine that can be used to activate in-game features like Gameshark or Action Replay on the PSP and PPSSPP platforms. It is also available as an external plugin for PSP gaming consoles.

The most recent download link is provided below.

Download CWCheat.zip Database Editor for PPSSPP Emulator Mediafire

Download PPSSPP Cheat. db updated Version Mediafire link

How to use and apply cheats on PPSSPP from the CWCheats database for Android:

Install the most recent PPSSPP Gold application or PPSSPP emulator before using the PPSSPP cheat. Install the most recent version of the PPSSPP emulator or PPSSPP Gold application before downloading the most recent CWcheat for PPSSPP and importing the cheat.db file. You can scroll down to see a detailed explanation of the steps we took.

By simply starting and stopping your PPSSPP game, you can add cheats. PPSSPP will then create a folder called “Cheats” and an an.ini file with the same name as the game ID and title. Follow the detailed phone instructions below.

  1. On your Android device, you must first download the ppsspp emulator. I assume you have already.
  2. Get cheat. db by clicking this link or the one above.
  3. If you downloaded the cheat database, you must copy the “cheat. db” file to the Android device’s SD card/PSP/Cheats directory.
  4. You can perform a search in the same directory even if you don’t use Android or another operating system. If there isn’t a folder called “cheats,” you’ll need to make one.
  5. Once your game has begun, simply press the back (menu) button to access the PPSSPP menu. To enable cheats, tick the “Enable cheats” box under “Settings (Game setting)” ->” System” and then scroll down to find the search. After that, return to the PPSSPP menu and check for the “Cheats” option; if not, try restarting the game.
  6. From the menu, select “Cheats” and then “Import from cheat. db,” which you can download.
  7. Next, select the cheat you wish to use and activate it. Take caution because the effects of the game could continue even after you resume it or ppsspp if you saved it.
  8. If you restart the PPSSPP and still are unable to locate any cheats, it means that there are none accessible for the game in the database.
  9. Play your free PPSSPP emulator games after that.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using cheat packs and codes with the PPSSPP emulator:

Are PPSSPP cheats free to download?

Yes, PPSSPP cheat pack downloads from the Cheat DB app are completely free. There are no limits, fees, or subscriptions required.

Where do the cheats for PPSSPP come from?

The PSP emulator cheat codes and files originate from dedicated cheat makers and testers who uncover them for each specific game. They are assembled into cheat packs for sharing online.

Can PPSSPP cheat work on other PSP emulators?

Unfortunately no. Due to differences in emulator programming, PPSSPP cheats are designed only for use with the PPSSPP emulator and will not work on others like JPCSP.

Are PPSSPP cheats risk-free to use?

Downloaded cheat packs from reputable sources like Cheat DB are safe to use and will not contain malware or cause bans. However, it is wise to run a quick antivirus scan on unpacked cheat files before loading them into PPSSPP.

Does PPSSPP cheat work offline?

Yes, cheat features work fully offline once enabled in PPSSPP as they modify game code parameters only. You do not need to remain connected to the internet to benefit from cheat effects.

Can I make my own PPSSPP cheats?

Creating your cheat codes for PPSSPP requires advanced programming knowledge. Most users download pre-made cheat packs put together by expert creators for ease of use.

Why are some PPSSPP cheats not working?

If certain cheats fail, it is likely due to a mismatch between the cheat and your game region or version. Try downloading cheats specifically matched to your game ROM’s region and version for optimal compatibility.

How do I delete PPSSPP cheats?

You can remove loaded cheats anytime in PPSSPP by going to Cheats, toggling off any you want disabled, and restarting the game. To delete cheat files from your device, just delete the downloaded .zip archives and extracted .ini text files.


The wide selection of cheat codes available for PPSSPP makes it easy to get more out of your favorite PSP games on Android devices. Downloading cheat packs from the Cheat DB app provides a simple way to enable useful cheats with just a few taps. Whether you want to overcome frustrating difficulty spikes, unlock bonuses faster, or just go wild and wreak havoc, PPSSPP cheats help maximize your gameplay enjoyment. Just be sure to download cheats from trusted sources for the safe enhancement of your portable PlayStation classics.

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