Pokemon Ruby ROM Download In 2022

Download Pokemon Ruby ROM

Each pokemon can be yours. There are 200 of them. You can also train and use 100 other species.

File Name:0907 – Pokemon Red (U)(Mugs).zip
Year of publication:2002

Ruby ROM Download for GameBoy Advance.

We all loved Pokemon growing up. It was like being there. What could be more amazing than role-playing in the Pokemon world? You read that right. Many games focus on the beloved Pokemon world. One of these is Pokemon Ruby.

The 2002 Pokemon Ruby version video game is part of the Pokemon Sapphire Version video game. It was made for GameBoy Advance, GBA. The Ruby version features three screens, just like the previous games of Pokemon. The first screen is a field map that allows the player to navigate Pokemon’s main character. Second, there’s a battle screen and third, there’s a menu. All information about the player’s party, items, or gameplay settings can be found by the player.


The game takes place in Littleroot. The player and the protagonists have moved to Littleroot. The player must choose between a Pokemon or Professor Birch to save him. Once the player has defeated the bird and saved Birch, the player is brought to his laboratory and given his first Pokemon. He also meets Professor Birch’s child May/Brendan who is a Pokemon Trainer. There are two main goals to the game. First, you must defeat eight Gym Leaders. Two of them will become the new champion. The second is to complete the Pokedex by trading and capturing all 202 Pokemon.

The Game Features

  • Double Battles let players and opposing parties use two Pokemon simultaneously
  • Addition of Multi Battle
  • Elite four Syndicate
  • Ruby introduced Pokenav. This displays Hoenn’s map, the Pokemon condition, and all the ribbons that a Pokemon has won.
  • Pokemon Contests.

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Best Emulator for Pokemon Ruby ROM

Users will need to install GBA on their computers, as well as the appropriate emulators. Emulators such as:

  • Emu Box
    This version includes Gameboy Color as well as Game Boy Advance. It stands out among the rest with features such as chat support, saves and loads states, and fast forward support.
  • GBA.emu
    It’s specifically designed for Game Boy Advance. It includes all the features that you would expect from an emulator, including quicksaves and BIOS emulation.
  • John GBAC
    This Emu Box is not free, unlike Emu Box. It is not available because it has been included in it. It supports virtual and physical controllers, SD card support, and turbo buttons. You can also fast forward up to 16 times.

Download Pokemon Ruby ROM

Related Games

  1. Pokemon Emerald version: The gameplay is identical to the Ruby and Sapphire versions. Wild Pokemon can be found by players as they explore grass, surf, hike through caves, and more. They can also battle other trainers, just like the Ruby version.
  2. Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen – This game lets you capture and train Pokemons, and then raise them for battle. This game is based on the first-ever Pokemon cartoon, which was broadcast on TV. Pallet Town is where the Protagonists begin their journey.
  3. Pokemon Jupiter – 6.04: This hack version of Pokemon Ruby is extremely popular with Pokemon lovers. For Pokemon fans, the plotline is original and keeps them hooked on his game. Through the portal, Charon and Ivan reach “Minoan Civilization.” Their goal now is to stop the deluge from destroying the world. This hack version includes Cameos from other characters from the series, which can be encountered throughout the map.

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