8 Best PS3 Emulators For PC Download In 2022

Download PS3 Emulator For PC

PS3 Emulator PC: The scarcity of the presence of the Playstation 5 console on the market has forced fans to sigh. While waiting for the stock line to gradually return to normal, playing games from previous consoles is also an option that should be practiced.

Playstation fans who may have already sold their old PlayStation console may run out of options in doing so. But in the name of nostalgia, there is still a way that can be done. For example, through the role of emulator development.

Starting from PS1 with ePXSe, PCSX2 for PlayStation 2, to PPSSPP emulator specifically for PSP games, over time, PS3 finally got its emulator. Many consider that the PS3 emulators for PC are too complicated to develop. That’s not wrong either. Thanks to the engine architecture that is not easy to translate, the refinement of the PS3 Emulator itself has always experienced such slow development.

However, 2021 is not a year that does nothing. We have a list of PS3 emulators on PCs that are still trying to develop until now so that they are expected to be fully operational. Let’s see the list below.

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What is PS3?

In our previous article, we have discussed PS4 Emulator for android now we will cover PlayStation 3 for android, PS3 is a gaming device (Consol) developed and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is the best gaming console Sony has ever made.


In the first application, we will introduce a PS3 emulator that is already familiar to gamers, namely PPSSPP. This emulator allows you to play Sony PSP games on Android and other smartphones.

PSP is a console made by Sony that allows users to play PS2 and PS3 games on one device. Now with this PPSSPP emulator, you can also play both types of games easily.

I’m using this emulator myself, and I think it’s solid enough to run PSP games smoothly. Although sometimes there are lag and frame drops, all of that can be overcome by setting the correct PPSSPP.

Almost all games can be played with PPSSPP such as Naruto PPSSPP games, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter 2 Unite, Dragon Ball Z, and many other exciting games.

Download PPSSPP

2. PS3emu

Ps3emu is a PS3 Emulator which has the function to provide a framework for porting PS3 games to x86_64 Linux and trying to recompile as much PS3 coding as possible to x86 systems.

However, in recent times Ps3emu has often been complained of as an emulator containing viruses. So it’s good if you only need to know about this emulator.

Download PS3emu

3. ESX PS3

Although informed that it is still in the development stage, the PS3 ESX emulator has a serious enough mission to re-research the development of emulation technology on a console. And until now, there are hundreds of PS3 games that are quite compatible to play. Most of them also come from popular exclusive games.

But keep in mind, that this emulator needs to be run with PC specs that are quite capable. The minimums are as follows:

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • CPU with 2.5 GHz Intel Processor and above
  • GPU AMD/NVIDIA/Intel Direct X 10 GPU

Download ESX PS3

4. RetroArch

RetroArch ds emulator

RetroArch has the advantage of being a cross-platform emulator. So, when you use RetroArch, you can play not only PS3 games but also other PS3-like console games like Wii U and Xbox. Even up from the bottom, it can too.

This open-source PS3 emulator can be used on platforms such as Windows (later appearing on Steam), MACo, and Linux, as well as on other common devices used for gaming. Retroarch itself presents several special features, such as providing shaders, rewinding, netplay, translating languages, and many more.

Download RetroArch

5. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now or commonly called PS Now is not a game emulator but in the form of a cloud-based game subscription service. This means that to use it, users must continue to be connected to high-speed internet.

This platform allows players to play many games ranging from PS2, PS3, and even PS4 by making a payment or subscription fee in advance to get access to all these games.

All you need to set up is a DualShock 3, 4, or Xbox control to play it. For connection problems, you should at least use 5 Mbps internet for maximum game performance.

Because the game is played is not on our device, aka the game is on their computer, so the PC specifications to play it are not too high.

Download Playstation Now

6. Nucleus PS3

The nucleus PS3 is an open-source PS3 emulator and was developed by a man named Alexandro Sanchez or better known as AlexAltea. Amid the emergence of the Nucleus emulator as a PS3 emulator, AlexAltea is also building a PS4 emulator called Orbital.

Unfortunately, until now, AlexAlta no longer continues to develop Nucleus and is more focused on working on the Orbital emulator.

Download Nucleus

7. Short Waves

Short Wave is a PS3 emulator developed by InoriRus since 2012. This emulator includes freeware and is still being actively developed. He is known to be able to only run a few homebrew apps and test programs that are quite complex to even RPCS3.

Download Short Waves

8. RPCS3

Here comes the inviolable emulator which is the best right now. RPCS3 is arguably the foremost for people who need a PS3 emulator without lag on a Windows PC or laptop with qualified specifications.

How to download and set up RPCS3 is quite simple.

  1. First, download the emulator software named “RPCS3”.
  2. Then download “LLE Modules” for the complete RPCS3 PS3 emulator.
  3. Open the RPCS3 emulator. Click config then settings. There, enable the following 4 files, namely libre.prx, librtc.prx, libsre.prx and libspurs_jq.prx
  4. Then click the graphic tab and select the VGA card that will be used in the “D3D Adapter” column. Choose the VGA you have. As for rendering, it can be adjusted to PC specifications.
  5. Finally, Download “PS3 Firmware”, then Install via Menu-Tools-Install Firmware.

After that, you can enjoy a variety of PS3 games on Windows. So far, there are only hundreds of PS3 games that you can play smoothly, although some are still constrained by bugs and glitches.

Download RPCS3

Now that’s a row of PS3 emulators in 2021 still exists and you can read about GBA Emulators For PC In 2021. For now, we certainly recommend the RPCS3 emulator as the leading emulator that can offer the best experience playing PS3 games. From the list above, are there other emulators out of reach that you feel need to be discussed?

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