Download Pokemon Emerald ROM In 2022

Download Pokemon Emerald ROM

Pokemon Emerald Version is a role-playing video game and it is developed by Game Freak and the game is published by The Pokemon company exclusively for the Game Boy Advance. Firstly, the game was launched in Japan in 2005 and later the has been launched internationally in 2005. Playing this game today feels so nostalgic because we have a lot of memories with the Pokemon T.V series and Pokemon video games.

Pokemon Emerald is the Upgraded version of  Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and is the final game of the third generation of the Pokémon video game series.

Gameplay of Pokemon Emerald ROM

Now let’s talk about the gameplay of the game, there are no drastic changes in the control and the gameplay of the game. In the previous versions, the player controls a Pokemon trainer from an overhead perspective, and in the version that is still the same. 

As we told you much of the game takes place from an overhead perspective. The players can move their characters into four directions and this thing gives them the flexibility to go anywhere, even the character can talk with anyone in the overworld. 

The players can battle with the other pokemon trainers and when you start the battle, the game screen changes to the battle-screen where players and their Pokémon are seen on the front-left portion of the screen while opponents are viewed on the back-right portion and this thing looks so cool. 

Setting and story of the Pokemon Emerald ROM

As we already told you the game is almost like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire so the user can choose between the character gender either a boy or a girl and both of them have a new outfit with a green color theme. Players get a task to fill the Pokedex by catching different types of pokemon and evolving them. Their main task is to complete the eight gym challenges and defeat the Elite Four and its Champion by battling their Pokémon. 

What Things Are Updated in Pokemon Fire Emerald Version

  • The relation of emerald with ruby and sapphire is quite similar to that of Pokemon Yellow to Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Crystal to Pokémon Gold and Silver and is also this thing add much more creative and dramatic changes revamp than its two previous versions. 
  • There are some changes in battling in the Emerald version. 2-on-2 battles were marked in the Ruby and Sapphire version and those trainers would not be able to challenge the player unless the player turned and talked to them. In the emerald version, 2-on-2 battles are now more periodic, with two separate trainers coming together to battle as a pair. Paired trainers will also be able to challenge the other player if the player gets too close to them also and after the Elite Four is defeated, the Gym Leaders may also demand a 2-on-2 rematch with the player. 
  • There are many changes in the graphic portion of the game. For example, both the player male and female have new green outfits. Some paths and areas are also recreated with a different design. Even more, trainers to allow for more random 2-on-2 battles.
  • Team Aqua and Team Magma appeared equally as in Pokémon Emerald, which was not in the previous versions. 
  • The player can call the trainer whom they have already battled previously and this can be done when using the PokeNav.  
  • Now, the Pokemon League champion is Wallace and replacing his place as Gym Leader would be his mentor, Juan. 

How the Game Performed in the Market

As with every pokemon game, this one also got super positive reviews. Despite having most of the elements are same as Pokemon Ruby and sapphire version still the game has managed to sell over 1.4 million copies in a year, in Japan alone the company sold 7,90,000 copies in just a week and 372,000 copies sold on its first day. 

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Download Pokemon Emerald ROM

I think it would be right to tell you this much about the Pokemon Emerald. It will be enough to decide whether you should download the game or not, if you have made up your mind to download the game, then we have given the direct download link at the bottom of this article. Just click on the link and download Pokemon Emerald and enjoy!

Download Pokemon Emerald

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