How To Save The Game In GTA 5 In 2022

How To Save The Game In GTA 5

How to Save the Game in GTA 5? If this is your question then here we are giving some steps to save the game progress in GTA 5.

The map of GTA 5 is enormously big and has a ton of activities to do. You can find yourself spending a ton of time in the game. Unfortunately, that time will also come when you have to save the game and do some stuff in the real world. But if you are not aware of the procedure that how to save the game in GTA 5, here’s how to do that.

Step by Step Guide to Save the Game Progress in GTA 5

There are two ways to save the game in GTA 5 and ensure that your progress in GTA 5 is not lost. We have mentioned both ways to save the game and you can pick either of them.

1. Sleeping Method

The save the game in GTA 5, you can simply sleep and the game progress will be saved. For that, you have to go to the nearest safe house. After reaching the safe house, go to the bedroom and when you approach the bed you will get an option to sleep.  You just have to click on the right button on your directional pad and sleep.

Doing this will save the game and once you wake up, you will see that a few hours have passed. This is what we call attention to detail. The sleeping time is also different according to the character, if you are playing with Michael then it’s six hours. If you change the character time will also change like in the case of Franklin, it is eight hours and for Trevor, it is 12 hours. So get up continue the game from where you left.

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2. Cellphone Method

To save the game through a cellphone in GTA 5, you have to bring up the cellphone on the screen. You can save the game by pressing ‘Upon your directional pad if you are playing with a console or pressing ‘T’ if you are playing the game on your PC. Now, you just have to click on the icon represented by a cloud with an arrow and your game will be saved. 

This is called ‘Quick Save’ your progress. If you use this method, in-game time will not elapse and the character you are playing with will remain in the same place they were in the game.

Wrapping up

This was the step-by-step guide to saving the game in GTA 5, If you liked the content then don’t forget to share this with your gamer friends and if you have any questions or queries, please leave your comment below the article. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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